Halo: Combat Evolved credits

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Halo: Combat Evolved credits
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Halo: Combat Evolved


The Halo: Combat Evolved credits is a list of credits for people who worked on Halo: Combat Evolved.


A Gregorian chant rises as the Halo ring can be seen.

Project Lead:

Lead Producer:

  • Hamilton Chu


  • Rick Ryan


  • Chris Butcher
  • Bernie Freidin
  • Charlie Gough
  • Mat Noguchi
  • Matt Segur

Drum beats go, before the Halo Theme comes on.

Additional Programming:

Art Director:

Assistant Art Lead:

  • Steve Abeyta


The camera pans to show that the before view of Halo was just a fragment of it and reveals that the credits take place after the game.

Additional Art:

  • Brian Shultz

Lead Designer:

  • John Howard


Additional Writing:

Multiplayer Project Lead:

  • Michael Evans

Multiplayer Programmers:

Multiplayer Lead Designer:

  • Hardy LeBel

Multiplayer Artists:

Director of Cinematics:

Cinematic Artists:

Storyboard Artist:

Matte and Concept Artist:

Audio Lead, Sound Design & Original Music:

Sound Designer:

Additional Music:

Additional Sound:

  • Adam Tewes

User Interface Lead:

User Interface Designer:

User Interface Programmer:

  • Stefan Sinclair

Test Manager:

Test Leads:

User Testing Lead:


Voice Talent:

Additional Voices:

Damage and Spin:

Draft Dodgers:

  • Pete Demoreuille
  • Tom Gioconda
  • Joshua Grass
  • Jason Major
  • Juan Remirez
  • Bob Settles

Executive Producer:

Product Manager:

  • Steve Fowler

Product Planner:

  • Jon Kimmich

Localization Lead:

  • Ji Hong

Halo Manual:

  • Writer: Keith Cirillo
  • Editor: Tom Brush
  • Print Artist: Karin Jaques

Special Thanks:

Bink Video (c)1997-2001 by RAD Game Tools, Inc.

Goes back to the start chant.

Fades dark.

Fades back to light.

343 Guilty Spark is zipping through in space and dodges the camera while it fades to white.



  • The Xbox version of the game runs a Bink format video when the end level script command is given to display the credits and the small scene with 343 Guilty Spark. The PC and 360 versions will open the main menu map file and run the credits (that you can view at any time via the "credits" option), which is a very long string list, set to the main menu music files and the fly around of the ring. When the list is finished scrolling, the game will run a Bink format video of 343 Guilty Spark flying toward the camera, just like the Xbox version.