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This article is about the Bungie Studios artist. For other people with this name, see Dunn.
David Dunn in the ViDoc O Brave New World.

David Dunn, also known as Dave Dunn, is an American writer, artist, and composer. He is a senior employee at Bungie Studios. He claims he was born during 1977, though this is very unlikely, because he still hasn't bothered to create a thorough profile at even though he is long time employee of Bungie.

His career began as a composer for the games Nonterraqueous and Elite during 1984 and 1985. He had also served as a story writer, artist, and level designing artist and modeler for the game Oni. He then served as an artist for Halo: Combat Evolved and the lead environment artist in Halo 2. He also did some voice over work playing the scared Crewmen who says, "Help me help you." etc[1] During the development of Halo 3, he worked as the Campaign Environment Lead, and was credited as the Art Department Manager in Halo 3: ODST.[2][3] He reprised the role in Halo: Reach.[4]

He also is heard in Bungie Podcast Episode One, where he is voicing the dialogue of a Marine assaulting a Jiralhanae.

Before working at Bungie, David worked at an architectural firm where he was known as the loose guy in the company.



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