David Dockmaster Dunn

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This article is about the UEG Minister of Information. For other people with this name, see Dunn.
David Dockmaster Dunn
A sign posted in New Mombasa warning people to evacuate signed with his name.
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David Dockmaster Dunn is a Unified Earth Government official, serving as the Minister of Information in 2552. That year, during the Battle of Earth, Dunn issued a general alert to the civilians of New Mombasa about the Covenant attack and the evacuation. His propaganda-laced message can be seen on view screens throughout downtown New Mombasa.[1]


  • He is likely named in honor of Bungie Employee David Dunn.
  • Unlike the other signs found in Metropolis, the sign with Dunn's message is destructible and will explode violently, similar to the signs seen in the Halo 2 E3 Demo.

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