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Harold Ryan

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Harold Ryan

Harold Ryan is a former President of Bungie LLC. He was previously a game tester and configuration tester and has worked on several video games, including the Close Combat series, Crimson Skies, and Halo. He was born and raised in eastern Washington.

He was credited as test manager of Halo: Combat Evolved. He also served as test manager and producer for Halo 2 on He became studio manager at the start of 2006 and led a team of 115. As of 2008, he was the head of the entire company.

Harold Ryan was also the bearer of bad news for the Bungie community on 7/15/08, when he announced that the "secret announcement" that was planned to be made just 12 hours later was delayed by Bungie's publishers.

Ryan resigned in early 2016, and was succeeded as CEO by Pete Parsons. [1]

He goes on to become the founder and CEO of ProbablyMonsters. [2]


  • Harold Ryan actually has the smallest desk at Bungie Studios.
  • The H. Ryan Memorial medal is named for him.

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