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Pete Parsons in the ViDoc O Brave New World.

"As hard as it gets, it's still the best fucking job in the world."
— Pete Parsons, on working at Bungie during the production of Halo 2[1]

Pete "Mango" Parsons was the studio manager of Bungie from 2002 to 2006, as well as the executive producer of Halo 2. Essentially, his job was to supervise the team and making sure that their job is smooth and nothing will happen to hinder them in production.


Parsons (aged 38) left a senior marketing job at Microsoft to join the Halo crew as studio manager. He once said: "I'd been a Bungie fan for a long time. They're an incredibly talented group of people who don't accept second best. I like the bar being set so high that falling off would kill you."

After leaving Bungie in 2006, Parsons worked at Microsoft Game Studios on an unknown game, but then he returned to Bungie to serve as COO and later CEO (succeeding Harold Ryan).[2]



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