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This article is about the writer. For the fictional disease, see Boren's Syndrome.

Brannon Boren is a video game writer who worked as an additional writer for Halo: Combat Evolved. He was never actually an employee of Microsoft or Bungie, but instead worked as an independent contractor for Microsoft's Franchise Development Group. His duties involved the expansion of the game's universe beyond the game, and he wrote some of the background fiction along with Eric S. Trautmann. An example of his contribution to the universe is the fiction behind Smart AIs. He also co-wrote the in-game dialogue for Halo: Combat Evolved.[1]

Boren started out as a writer for tabletop RPGs.[1] After Halo: Combat Evolved, he went on to write for the video game Quantum Redshift in 2002. Later, in 2005, he was a game designer and primary writer for The Matrix Online.


It is possible that he is the namesake for Boren's Syndrome and Penelope Boren.


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