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Here is a list of quotes from Thel 'Vadam.[1]

The Arbiter says many things, almost all of which have many meanings and show his belief or personality in some way.

Halo Graphic Novel: The Last Voyage Of The Infinite Succor[edit]

As Supreme Commander of the Fleet of Particular Justice.

  • "Commander, you are needed on the bridge immediately. Have the rest of your team prepare for boarding action." - Holographic message to Rtas 'Vadum, on board his flagship, Seeker of Truth of the Fleet of Particular Justice.
  • "Commander, you're bleeding." - To Rtas Vadum.
  • "And one cannot train in the ways of spilling blood without partaking in the act. It is good to see that the softness of others in the Covenant has not weakened your discipline." - To Rtas 'Vadum.
  • "The matter of concern now is the Infinite Succor. It has been boarded by unknown forces, though we suspect the Humans. Our information is limited to a single distress signal from the ship that contained few details. It was from an Unggoy unsurprisingly." - To Rtas 'Vadum.
  • "Yes, the Demon may be among us. And if he is..." - To Rtas Vadum before being interrupted.
  • "Your utmost concern, commander, is securing the Infinite Succor and the Legate onboard. The Infinite Succor provides much of the sustenance the fleet requires. And losing it will be a great inconvenience. But if you find the Demon. It becomes your first priority." - To Rtas Vadum, giving him the mission report.
  • "Here is the information on the layout of the ship. Plus the override command codes for its systems. With those you can override any commands given to the system except those of the Legate on board. The Minister of Etiology." - To Rtas Vadum, giving him the command codes.

Halo 2[edit]

The Heretic[edit]

  • “There was only one ship.” - To the Prophets of Mercy and Regret, describing the Pillar of Autumn.
  • “Yes. They called it the Pillar of Autumn.” - To the Prophets.
  • “It fled, as we set fire to their planet.” - Describing the Pillar of Autumn’s flee from Reach.
  • “But I followed with all the ships in my command.” - To the Prophets
  • “Blinded?” - Responding to The Prophet of Regret, who questions was he "blinded by [Halo's] majesty."
  • “No.” - To Regret, answering the question mentioned previously.
  • “Noble Hierarchs, surely you understand that once the Parasite attacked—” - To the Prophets before being interrupted by the council’s murmurs of disbelief.
  • “By the time I learned the Demon’s intent, there was nothing I could do.” - When asked why the Master Chief was not his top priority.
  • “I will continue my campaign against the Humans.” - To the Prophets, after being accused of heresy by the Prophet of Objection.

Cairo Station[edit]

  • “If they came to hear me beg, then they will be disappointed.” - To Tartarus, before being branded with the Mark of Shame.

The Arbiter[edit]

  • “I am already dead.” - To the Prophet of Truth and Prophet of Mercy.
  • “The Mausoleum of the Arbiter.” - Answering the Prophet of Truth’s Question of where they were located.
  • “Even on my knees, I do not belong in their presence.” - Ashamed to be in the presence of the noblest warriors of the Covenant in such a disgraced position.
  • “What use am I? I can no longer command ships… lead troops into battle.” - To the Prophet of Truth, who proposes him as the next Arbiter.
  • “What of the Council?” - Asking what the council thinks about him becoming the next Arbiter.
  • “What would you have your Arbiter do? - Accepting the position of Arbiter and asking what his assignment is going to be.
  • “Nothing ever will.” - Intelligent remark to Rtas Vadumee’s statement on how his new armor will not hide the Mark of Shame. Thel's saying of this shows that he wears his mark openly and with honor.
  • “That makes two of us.” - To Rtas Vadumee's saying that he does not care about Thel's life but cares about the Elites under his command. By saying this quote, Thel says that he does not care for his own life, but for the lives of Rtas' men and Rtas himself.

The Oracle[edit]

  • “What is it?” - To Rtas Vadumme, who sniffs the air once he enters the Heretic gas mine.
  • “Then we shall force him out.” - To Rtas and the squadron of Spec ops Elites and Grunts.
  • “The cable….I’m going to cut it.” - To Rtas, revealing his plan to force the Heretic leader from his bunker.
  • “Turn, Heretic.” - To the Heretic leader.
  • “Who has taught you these lies?” - To Sesa Refumee.
  • “The Oracle!” - Surprised to see 343 Guilty Spark.
  • “I had no choice Holy Oracle. This Heretic imperiled the Great Journey.” - To 343 Guilty Spark.
  • “That is the Oracle!” - To Tartarus when he forcefully captures 343 Guilty Spark with his Fist of Rukt.

Sacred Icon[edit]

  • “We have always been your protectors.” - Thel respectfully and smartly voicing his concern to the Prophet of Truth about the changing of the guards.
  • “The Human that killed the Prophet of Regret. Who was it?” - To Tartarus asking who killed Regret.
  • “The demon is here!?” - Surprised to find out that the Master Chief is on Installation 05.
  • “Retrieving the Icon is my only concern.” - In response to Tartarus asking if he is looking for payback at the Chief.

Quarantine Zone[edit]

  • “At the center of this zone, is a Sacred Icon critical to the Great Journey. I must find it.” - To Rtas 'Vadamee
  • “The Icon is my responsibility.” - To Tartarus, who just forcefully took Halo's activation index as well as Sergeant Major Avery Johnson and Commander Miranda Keyes.
  • “When the Prophets learn of this, they will take your head!” - To Tartarus, stating that the Prophets will have him beheaded when they learn of the Brute’s betrayal.


  • “Demon!” - At the sight of the Master Chief, when both were in the clutches of the Gravemind.
  • “Kill me or release me, parasite. But do not waste my time with talk!” - To the Gravemind. Thel is saying that he does not want precious moments of his life wasted in the presence of Flood. Also, more of Thel's honor and respect shows when he says "Kill me or release me," putting his fate in the Gravemind's hands, knowing that he cannot change it.
  • “Your ignorance already destroyed one of the Sacred Rings demon, it shall not harm another.” - To the Master Chief. Thel shows his still strong following of the Covenant religion, even when he was punished harshly for being given the blame of the Sacred Ring being destroyed.


  • “Murdered, by the Brutes.” - Sadly, to Rtas 'Vadumee, when asked where the Councilors were.

The Great Journey[edit]

  • “What is that place?” - To Rtas 'Vadumee, asking what the structure that Tartarus landed on was.
  • “I must get inside.” - To Rtas 'Vadumee.
  • “Tartarus has locked himself inside the Control Room.” - To Sergeant Johnson, who just acquired a Scarab, after being saved by the Arbiter's forces
  • “Tartarus, stop. Put down the Icon.” - To Tartarus inside the Control Room. The Arbiter, true to his name, still tries to talk peace with Tartarus.
  • “There are things about Halo that even the Hierarchs do not understand.” - To Tartarus about the Prophet’s ignorance of Halo’s true purpose, also still trying to persuade Tartarus.
  • “Is it?” - To Tartarus claiming that the previous quote was heresy.
  • "Oracle, what is Halo's purpose?" - To 343 Guilty Spark, yet still trying to show Tartarus the true light.
  • “The Sacred Rings. What are they?” - To 343 Guilty Spark. Thel is continuing to get the information that will turn Tartarus back.
  • “And those who made the rings. What happened to the Forerunners?” - Question to 343 Guilty Spark. The most important part of the truth, those who activated the rings long ago had all died. This was meant to be the secret weapon in showing Tartarus the true light.
  • “Tartarus, the Prophets have betrayed us.” - To Tartarus, putting a powerful period to the information Spark gave in return for the above quote.
  • “And where Oracle, is that?” - To 343 Guilty Spark, asking him where the location of the Ark is, after killing Tartarus and Commander Keyes' removal of the Activation Index from Halo's Core.

Halo 3[edit]

Sierra 117[edit]

  • "Were it so easy." - When he first met up with the Master Chief. Said in response to Sergeant Johnson's warning to both him and the Chief not to kill each other.
  • "Come, we must go, the Brutes have our scent." - To the Master Chief and Marines.
  • "The Prophets are liars, but you are fools to do their bidding!" - To a Brute corpse.
  • "The Grunts' new-found courage is but fear. When we are victorious, all who serve the Prophets will be punished." - To the Marine who comments on the Grunts' vicious behavior in battles.
  • "To the river, hurry!" - to the group, after clearing a Covenant encampment.
  • "Grenades! Blow them to bits!" - To John-117, after acquiring 2 Frag grenades from dead Marines.
  • "The Banshees will return. Hurry, back into the jungle!" - To the group, after the player witnesses 2 Pelicans being shot down by a pair of Banshees.
  • "See how they bait their trap? I will help you spring it." - To the Master Chief, giving him his assistance.

Crow's Nest[edit]

  • "Half-wit insects! The Prophets use you like they used me! Reject their lies! Rebel, or all your hives will perish!" - To the swarm of Drones. The Arbiter, true to his name, is trying to spare the lives of the Drones by attempting to show them the truth.
  • "Spartan, the Brutes have taken your soldiers, as prisoners or as meat for their bellies, I do not know. In case some yet live, let us be careful when we shoot." - To the Master Chief, in front of the locked entrance to the barracks, where Brutes took Marines as prisoners.
  • "Again, the Brutes show their weakness." - After he and the Master Chief saved the Marine prisoners in the barracks.
  • "We did all we could. Let us move the survivors up to the hangar, there is a lift outside." - To the Master Chief.

The Storm[edit]


  • "There are some powerful weapons we've not yet used..." - To John-117, expressing the Flamethrower's effectiveness towards the Flood.
  • "Quickly! Let us find their ship. Make short work of this abomination!" - To the Chief and surviving Marines, after fighting off a wave of Flood.
  • "Wretched/Accursed parasite! Rise up and I will kill you! Again and again!" - To the Flood combat forms, referring to their ability to reanimate if a Pod infector enters it.
  • "My brothers, I fear you bring bad news." - To a Sangheili Major, who is leading an Elite Lance.
  • "And the Fleet, has quarantine been broken?" - To Major Elite, who acknowledge the Arbiter that High Charity became a Flood Hive.
  • "We had a fleet of hundreds!" - Appalled to hear that the Elite's fleet has been severely weakened.
  • "I shall remain here. We will let nothing pass." - To the Master Chief, in front of an entrance into the Flood-infected Ket-pattern battlecruiser.
  • "No. If your construct is wrong, then the Flood has already won." - To Lord Hood, who worries about Cortana's solution to the Flood is a trap set by the Gravemind.

The Ark[edit]

  • "Well done, Spartan." - To Spartan-117, who destroyed yet another Scarab outside the Ark's Cartographer.
  • "Oracle!" - Cautiously as he aims his weapon at the Monitor, just in case it turns rampant after shooting a Marine.
  • "Phantom!" - Alerting the Chief and 343 Guilty Spark, who were analyzing the map of the Ark.
  • "Follow the Oracle, Spartan. I will help your Sergeant clear the skies." - To the Master Chief, after boarding a Banshee swiftly and chase off the Phantom who was attacking the player.
  • "No, Oracle. We must keep the Prophet of Truth firmly in our sights." - To 343 Guilty Spark, who wanted to access more data about the Ark.

The Covenant[edit]

  • "Second Tower is clear, Spartan, no need to land. Let us hasten to the Third Tower." - To the player, if they land on the Second Barrier Tower, which was deactivated by the Arbiter. (Said by an ally Elite in Co-op)
  • "Darken this Tower and the barrier will fall. Go, Spartan! We have no time to waste." - In the third Barrier Tower, which Sgt. Johnson failed to deactivate.
  • "To the top of these hills, Oracle, no higher. We cannot risk your capture by the Flood." - To 343 Guilty Spark, who was anxious to know how much damage has the Flood-captured High Charity inflicted on the Ark by crashing into it.
  • "Spartan, come to me. This platform hides a path!" - To John-117, outside the Citadel, wielding an Energy Sword, ready to seek revenge.
  • "The Prophet will die by my hands, not theirs." - To the Master Chief. Thel is saying that he can't let the Flood regain or steal his honor for/from him by killing Truth...he will do it himself.
  • "It will not last!" - To the infected Truth, who still claims that the moment of salvation is at hand.
  • "I will have my revenge - on a Prophet, not a plague!" - To Truth, telling the Pod infector inside the San' Shyuum to back off.
  • "And so, you must be silenced." - After Truth says he is the Voice of the Covenant. Thel then kills Truth.
  • "We trade one villain for another." - After the Gravemind betrayed the Chief and the Arbiter, who just eliminated Covenant's leadership.
  • "What do you see?" - To John-117 walking away from him, after escaping from the Flood and falling into a Forerunner corridor.
  • "A replacement. For the Ring you destroyed." - To the Master Chief, after witnessing the new Halo.
  • "How will you light it?" - To Spartan 117, who states he will activate Installation 08.


  • "No. This is our fight. And I will see it finished." - To Rtas 'Vadum, onboard a Pelican piloted by the Chief and Cortana, who the Chief just saved from High Charity. Thel says that this fight belongs to the Elites and it is their responsibility and honor to finish it.
  • "I am sorry, Spartan. But come." - To the Master Chief, grieving for Johnson's death at the hands of 343 Guilty Spark.
  • "Even in death, your Sergeant guides us on." - To John-117, exiting Halo's Control Room.
  • "Were it so easy." - To Lord Hood's saying that he can't believe the death of Master Chief, standing in front of the Voi Memorial. Now, instead of the first time Thel used this line, he is saying that if it was so easy to kill the Master Chief things would have gone much differently.
  • "Fear not. For we have made it so." - To Rtas 'Vadum, in the Shadow of Intent's Bridge, when the Shipmaster says he wishes to make sure Sanghelios is safe.
  • "Take us home." - To Rtas 'Vadum, returning to Sanghelios, their home planet.

General Gameplay[edit]

  • "Yaaah!" - When attacking with his Energy Sword.
  • "Hi-yah!" - When meleeing an enemy.
  • "Our enemy!" - When encountering enemies.
  • "Steel yourself!"- as above
  • "Make ready." - as above
  • "Caution!" - as above
  • "Up high!" - When enemy attacks from high ground.
  • "Look below!" - Seeing an enemy below.
  • "They're falling back." - When the enemy retreats.
  • "Good to have you." - When you show up.
  • "Welcome to the battle." - as above
  • "Welcome to the fight." - as above
  • "Our alliance."
  • "There's plenty of fight left for you." - as above
  • "A powerful weapon we have in you."
  • "Take point." - To the player, when preparing to enter a new area.
  • "I'm right behind you." - As above
  • "Take their flanks!" - As above
  • "Toss a grenade!" - During combat.
  • "Good throw." - When you kill multiple enemies with a single grenade.
  • "Look out! Grenade!" - When the enemy throws a grenade.
  • "Look out!" - When a Carrier Form is about to burst.
  • "Beware!" - as above
  • "The beast has a hammer!" - When spotting a Brute Chieftain wielding a Gravity Hammer.
  • "The beast is using a hammer!" - as above.
  • "Snipers!" - When Kig-Yar Snipers are encountered.
  • "Phantom!" - When an enemy Phantom appears.
  • "They've sent a Phantom!" - As above.
  • "A Hunter pair!" - When Hunters show up.
  • "Drop the heavy weapon!" - When encountering an enemy with a Fuel Rod Gun.
  • "We're under attack!" - When under enemy fire.
  • "Weapons fire! Do you hear?" - as above
  • "Unworthy of my blades." - After killing a group of enemies.
  • "This time, we triumph." - After clearing an area.
  • "We won this time." - As above.
  • "We won." - As above.
  • "The battle is won." - As above.
  • "The battle is over." - As above.
  • "Again, the Brutes show their weakness." - After killing multiple Brutes.
  • "We are victorious." - After killing all enemies.
  • "Victory is ours." - After an area is cleared.
  • "They were no match for us." - After defeating an enemy group.
  • "Save your fire for the Brutes." - When attacked by the player.
  • "Be careful!" - When attacked by the player.
  • "We're allies!" - As above.
  • "Stop that!" - As above.
  • "Save your anger for our true foes!" - As above.
  • "Now is not the time to raise my ire." - As above.
  • "Do not provoke my wrath!" - As above.
  • "You shot me, fool!" - When attacked by the player. IWHBYD Skull required.
  • "Did you know he fights with us?" - When you kill an ally.
  • "He was our ally!" - When you kill an ally.
  • "This madness must end!" - Turning on you after you kill too many allies.
  • "Circumstances made strange allies of us." - If you injure or stare at him for too long.
  • "We cannot endure another fight." - After losing many allies in a battle.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection[edit]

E3 2014 Trailer[edit]

  • "To find him you have to forget the stories, forget the legends. You'll have to do more than walk in his footsteps. For he is more than the sum of his actions. I tell you this, not because I trust you, Agent Locke, but because all our lives are at stake. Because the seeds of our future... are sown in his past."

Terminal Trailer[edit]

  • "I have had many names in this long war. The humans knew me as 'Destroyer'. In the Covenant, I was Supreme Commander. The Prophets named me... Arbiter. And your Master Chief calls me... friend. How well do you know your friend, human? And what will you call me when you learn the truth of what I have done?"


  • "My friend's trust is not the issue today, Spartan Locke. It is my trust you must earn."
  • "You are hunter, yes? A seeker of things?" - Describing Locke's job title.
  • "And now you hunt other Spartans?"
  • "Ah, you seek..." - After learn Locke's target is John-117.
  • "I was not told the identity of your prey."
  • "An insult, to be sure, but one with a modicum of respect. He was indeed my enemy, but, in time, I named him ally... even friend. The events which forged this bond are… complicated."


  • "What do you call him, Spartan Locke?"
  • "117. The Master Chief. He is not your friend... is he your foe?"
  • "I admire your sense of duty, Spartan. But if he has left the fold, he has his reasons."

Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

Halo 5 E3 2015 Trailer[edit]

  • "Sunaion — the Covenant's final stronghold... That is where you'll find the Master Chief... and the guardian he seeks."

Swords of Sanghelios[edit]

  • "The Swords of Sanghelios will be victorious! Close closer, traitor, and see how a true Sangheili fights!"
  • "It will be your honor to die."
  • "For Sanghelios!"
  • "Spartans? What is the meaning of this?"


  • "ONI... out of the shadows... The spies announce themselves now, Agent Locke?"
  • "I know who you are. You were an agent when you volunteered to execute me." - To Jameson Locke. Thel reminds the spartan that he was an ONI agent when the latter tried to kill him.
  • "Yet, now you hunt another Spartan, the greatest of your clan." - Thel acknowling Locke's mission to hunt John-117.
  • "Sunaion is the Covenant's final stronghold on Sanghelios. We will move only when victory is assured."
  • "By the Human AI, not the Covenant."
  • "We fight one enemy at a time. Today, the Covenant."
  • "If the human plan holds, they will awaken the Guardian. And then Sunaion is ours."
  • “That discomfort you feel, that betrayal… I am depending on it.”
  • “The Covenant soldiers will hear the Guardian wake from its slumber, they will look up over the bodies of their brothers, through the smoke of their burning city, they will look to the horizon as their holy idol rises from the sea and forsakes them. And that is when the Covenant dies.”

Enemy Lines[edit]

  • "Affirmative. Warriors of 'Vadam! Swords of Sanghelios! Commence attack!"
  • "All Banshee wings, engage the Kraken!"
  • "Spartans, the Kraken is pulling away. We move to pursue."
  • "Arbiter to all wings. The Kraken retreats! Press your attack!"
  • "Excellent. Bring fire upon the Covenant, Spartans."
  • "Victory! Well done, Spartans!"
  • "I am sending a ship your way, Spartans."

Before the Storm[edit]

  • "Everything is prepared. We will begin when the Constructor is ready."
  • "Then we will begin without it! I have waited too long to let this opportunity pass."
  • “It is not the kind of plan I would expect from a human. You suggest flying low, close to structures.”
  • “I am moments from a decisive victory for my home planet, Commander Palmer. Do not try to goad me.”
  • "Today, the Covenant's spine will be broken. This is a glorious day for the Sangheili." - Thel rallying his troops for the upcoming Battle of Sunaion
  • "Today the Covenant will fall! Sanghelios! will be free!" - Thel is stating that after the win the Battle of Sunaion, Sanghelios will be free of the Covenant's influence.

Battle of Sunaion[edit]

  • "Swords of Sanghelios, with me! Target the air defense! Clear landing zones! For Sanghelios!"
  • "Disable the air defenses. Target either the cannon itself or the power supply."
  • "Excellent."
  • "Spartans, the Guardian is at the far end of the city. There are more anti-air emplacements in that direction."
  • "Good luck to you, Spartan."
  • "Swords of Sanghelios, today Sunaion will fall, and with it the Covenant! To me, brothers!"
  • "My troops will arrive and secure your position. Move on towards the Guardian. You must reach the Master Chief in time."
  • "Victory and honor do not grow from timid seeds, Spartan. Your harvest shall be grand. When you see the Chief again... tell him I send my greetings."
  • "Spartans. Be aware. New enemies join the battle above. Armored. Glowing."
  • "(heavy static) Spartan Locke -- near the Guardian -- killing everyone-"
  • "For Sanghelios!" (while killing a Promethean Knight)
  • "Spartans..." (casually to Fireteam Osiris after killing the same Knight)
  • "The Covenant's defenses have fallen. Sunaion's--- No. SANGHELIOS IS OURS!" (before and after more Prometheans warp in)
  • "Let them come. I fight by your side, Spartans. To the last." (To Osiris before he charges Promethean enemies)
  • "Hunt them to the last. Today we extinguish the Covenant's light FOREVER!"