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Prophet of Objection
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"Nay! It was heresy!"
— The Prophet of Objection, during Thel 'Vadamee's trial[1]

The Prophet of Objection was a male San'Shyuum High Councilor and a member of the Covenant High Council in 2552.


The Prophet of Objection was present during the trial of Supreme Commander Thel 'Vadamee, who would later be made an Arbiter. A devout follower of the Covenant ideology, Objection was angered by what he saw as the Commander's failure in the destruction of Installation 04. He thus led the call against the Commander and when the High Prophet of Truth remarked to the Commander that his mistake not to safeguard the Halo was a colossal failure, the Prophet of Objection stood up and shook his fist, saying "Nay, it was heresy!"[1]

Later, the High Prophet of Truth dismissed this remark, saying that though the Arbiter rightly bore the blame for the destruction of the Halo, the council was "overzealous" in branding him a heretic for this failure.[2]


  • The Prophet of Objection was voiced by Bob O'Donnell, father of Martin O'Donnell.[3] For some reason, O'Donnell was not credited with voicing Objection in the original release of Halo 2. Thus, the Prophet of Objection's name was not known until Halo 2 for Windows Vista when O'Donnell was credited for the first time.
  • He was formerly meant to be called the Prophet of Denial.[4]
  • Outside the Halo continuity, he was likely named because of his role in the game, objecting to the subtlety of Truth's words and going all out to call 'Vadam's failure "Heresy".
  • Unlike many other Prophets, Objection's title seems to reflect his nature.


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