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Were you looking for the Activation Index, called "Sacred Icon" by the Covenant?

Icon is a prose from the short story collection Halo: Evolutions - Essential Tales of the Halo Universe. It describes the lives of John-117, the SPARTAN-IIs and Spartan-IIIs, and the legacy they left. It was written by Jonathan Goff, while Gabriel "Robogabo" Garza created the artwork.

The Prose[edit]

Soldiers forged from youth to serve as tools of war-

weapons of direct and conclusive destruction-the men

and women of the classified military project known as the

SPARTAN-II program will live on in legend following

their exploits during the Human-Covenant War.

Prepared for the harsh realities of combat against known

enemies, but thrust into battle with forces unimaginable-

and terrifyingly alien-the Spartan-IIs, and later the

Spartan-IIIs, delivered numerous decisive victories against

the overwhelming might of the Covenant.

Altered to a level far beyond that of a normal human, the

warriors of the Spartan-II program were humanity's best,

and possibly only, hope when faced with the threat of ex-

tinction from an advanced alien collective bent on our

eradication in the name of false prophecies and hidden


Rising through the flames of war, echoing through the

silent vacuum of space, word of the Spartans' deeds

spread throughout the human colonies-offering salva-

tion, offering a faint glimpse at ultimate victory.

Thus came a "Demon"-a hero, a soldier, a man. One

Spartan above all others; equal but for one defining

factor-one immeasurable advantage. Like his brothers

and sisters, he was trained to fight, to win, a master of the

latest weapons of war. But Spartan-117, the Master Chief,

had one intangible asset few others possessed-luck.

Added to an unmatched drive to win-whether it be a

simple game, or heated combat-Spartan-117's uncanny

combination of finely honed skills and unprecedented

good fortune made for the ultimate warrior in a battle

against impossible odds.

Never one to give in, never one to relent, the Master

Chief, and each of his fellow Spartans, did more than

engage the enemy; they delivered hope-with each burst

of gunfire, with every battle won.