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Beyond is the first poem from the short story collection Halo: Evolutions - Essential Tales of the Halo Universe. It describes a person's opinion on the Halo rings and the implications of their existence. It was written by Jonathan Goff, while Nicolas "Sparth" Bouvier created the artwork.

The poem[edit]

There is majesty here

Beyond reason
Beyond understanding

Vast in its implications

What wonders; offered around each new corner-
Over every skyward peak-
Or hidden deep; within in the shadows of each sunken valley

The questions raised

In astonishment
In fear-

If such glories can be divined, yet forgotten

Lost to time;
Strewn about the entirety of the stars

What then are we-

Be us man,
Or be us monster

In light of knowledge, so vast-

So far beyond
Superior; even to our dreams

What matter, then, our petty confrontations

When weighed against the sins we sow

What matter, then, our fate amongst the cosmos, eternal

In light of the Halo; its luminous glow