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The Champions Bundle.

The Champions Bundle was the fourth and final major expansion for the Halo 4 multiplayer experience.[1] Developed by 343 Industries in conjunction with Certain Affinity and Digital Extremes, the bundle includes three packs, the Bullseye Pack, the Infinity Armor Pack, and the Steel Skin Pack, and was released on August 20, 2013. The expansion includes 10 new achievements and 250 Gamerscore.[2] Unlike the other map packs, the Champions Bundle was not a part of the War Games Map Pass, and was launched individually for 800 Microsoft Points.[3][4] Each pack can be purchased separately at lower prices, however, purchasing the bundle as a whole will unlock exclusive content. On July 7, 2017, along with all other Halo 3, Halo 4, and Halo: Reach DLC map packs, the Champions Bundle was made free to those on Xbox Live.[5]

The weapon skins and armor permutations available with the Champions Bundle were not included within the Halo 4 component of Halo: The Master Chief Collection at launch, though the two maps and Ricochet gametype were. The launch of Season 4: Reclaimer in November 2020 saw the inclusion of all armor and weapon skins from across the bundle's various components within the collection, with 343 Industries expressing interest in bringing the Bullseye Pack and Infinity Armor Pack permutations to the game as well. The Resistor Tactical Package is not presently included in The Master Chief Collection.


Bullseye Pack[edit]

The Bullseye Pack is a DLC pack released for Halo 4. It is also available as a standalone purchase for 480 Microsoft Points. The pack includes:

Infinity Armor Pack[edit]

The Mark V, ODST and Prefect armors.

The Infinity Armor Pack is the first and last armor pack to be released for Halo 4. It is also available as a standalone purchase for 240 Microsoft Points. It includes three new MJOLNIR (GEN2) armor variants:

Steel Skin Pack[edit]

Steel skin weapons.

The Steel Skin Pack is the first and last skin pack to be released for Halo 4, containing 10 steampunk-style skins for UNSC, Covenant and Forerunner weapons. As with the other packs, it may also be purchased separately for 240 Microsoft Points. The pack includes the following skins:

  • Monocle (MCL) for the DMR.
  • Steam (STM) for the Battle Rifle.
  • Locomotive (LMV) for the Covenant Carbine.
  • Industrial (IDT) for the Lightrifle.
  • Mechanical (MCN) for the Suppressor.
  • Compression (CMP) for the Storm Rifle.
  • Turbine (TBN) for the Assault Rifle.
  • Engine (ENG) for the Boltshot.
  • Boilerplate (BPL) for the Plasma Pistol.
  • Combustion (CBN) for the Magnum.

Exclusive content[edit]

The Champions Bundle itself comes with exclusive content that players will not obtain if they buy the packs separately:[3]

  • Five new UNSC weapon skins: Trauma (TEM) and Teeth (TTH) for the Assault Rifle, Salvage (SLV) for the Battle Rifle, and Indigo (IND) and Flare (FLR) for the Magnum.
  • Five new armor skins: Tracer (TRCR) for Enforcer, Column (CLMN) for Defender, Bayonet (BYNT) for Venator, Python (PYTN) for Infiltrator, and Solid (SLID) for Oceanic.
  • Eight new stances: Seasoned, Menace, Loyalty, Lookout, Confident, Drawn, Flank and Grandstand.
  • Early access to a new Tactical Package, Resistor, which allows Spartans to maintain their full mobility and dexterity while taking incoming fire.[6]

Players who have played Halo: Spartan Assault, and unlocked the three classified Halo Waypoint codes, will receive additional content.

  • One additional stance: Determined
  • One additional weapon skin: Striped (STP) for the DMR.
  • Two additional armor skins: Vision (VISN) for Air Assault, and Rush (RUSH) for CIO.


The DLC comes with ten new achievements.

  • Protect This House - 30G - In matchmaking, assassinate the ball carrier within five meters of your own goal in Ricochet.
  • Hat Trick - 33G - In matchmaking, score three times in one round of Ricochet.
  • From Downtown - 25G - In matchmaking, score by throwing the ball from thirty meters in Ricochet.
  • Repeat Survivor - 25G - In matchmaking, survive three vehicle explosions in a row with the Survivor package.
  • Can't Catch Me - 20G - In matchmaking, score a goal in Ricochet while taking damage with the Resistor active.
  • Just a Scratch - 20G - In matchmaking, recover full shields from low health with both Resistor and Recharge active.
  • Pitchin' a Tent - 40G - In matchmaking, effectively camp in one location without dying for a full 60 seconds.
  • One Man Army - 27G - In matchmaking, get 4 consecutive kills with the Rocket Launcher without dying.
  • Shocking - 10G - In Bullseye DLC matchmaking, activate both electrical surge systems during a match on Vertigo.
  • Got it! - 20G - In Bullseye DLC matchmaking, acquire the Rocket Launcher at the start of a match on Pitfall.


The DLC comes with five new medals for the Infinity mode.

  • Goal Defense - Is earned when a player kills an enemy ball carrier within 25 m of the goal without them scoring.
  • Ball Clear - Is earned when a player throws a ball 40m away from their own goal.
  • Goal Keeper - Is earned when a player kills 5 enemies while defending the goal.
  • Rejection - Is earned when a player intercept a throw within 25m of their goal.
  • Fast Break - Is earned when a player scored a goal within 15 seconds of a ball set without a turnover.



  • The first trailer for the Champions Bundle DLC shows PREFECT-class Mjolnir with a different skin pattern on the armor's wrists, an added decal on the helmet's forehead, and the player's secondary color applied to their player model's fingertips. These would be altered for the DLC's launch.
  • Champions Bundle DLC items, including the new armor sets, weapon skins, and the Resistor tactical package, do not appear in Spartan Ops. Instead, weapons revert to their default appearance and armor pieces are replaced by Recruit armor. Equipping Resistor causes the tactical package to automatically revert back to "None".
    • With the release of Halo 4 on PC and the start of Season 4 on all platforms, the use of these weapon skins now applies to Spartan Ops.