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This article documents its subject as it pertains to the gameplay of the Halo games, rather than the lore.
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The Broadsword is a heavy aerospace vehicle first seen in Halo 4. It is a large, heavily armed space fighter that can only be piloted by one person.

Universe and lore[edit]

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The F-41 Broadsword is a Misriah Armory designed space fighter.[2] It had been in production since the mid-2530s, but only gained widespread use in the late Human-Covenant War.[3] It was present for the Battle for Tribute,[4] the UNSC Infinity's commissioning,[5] and was prominently used by John-117 during the New Phoenix Incident in 2557.[6] It would continue in service all the way to The Reclamation in 2558.[7]


The Broadsword acts as the stereotypical, fast moving space fighter craft.


There are a few counterparts to the Broadsword. In Halo: Reach, the Seraph and Space Banshee fill very similar roles on the Covenant side, while the Sabre is analogous to the Broadsword in that game. The Sabre and Seraph are usable vehicles that operate almost the same.


F-41 Broadsword HUD
A Broadsword being flown on Forge Island in Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

First-person shooters[edit]

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The Broadsword is piloted in third-person with a unique Heads-up display. Weapon choice, amount of boost, and current shields are shown.


Similar to the Sabre in Halo: Reach, the Broadsword was only available to use in one campaign mission in Halo 4, Midnight.[1]


Unusable Broadswords are background details in the Halo 4 map Landfall.


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When Halo 4 was added to PC in Series 4: Reclaimer of Halo: The Master Chief Collection the Broadsword was able to be used in Forge on certain maps. It can be found in the "Vehicles (MCC)" category on the maps Forge Island, Erosion, Ravine and Impact.


  • High damaging. Its weapons can destroy other vehicles and infantry quickly and effectively.


  • The Broadsword can only accelerate. This means it cannot stop and land anywhere at any point. It is only stopped when placed in Forge or scripted campaign sequences.

Table-top games[edit]

Halo: Fleet Battles[edit]

UNSC Broadsword Interceptor Flight (+Sabre)[edit]
  • Flight slots: 1 (2)
  • Movement: 16" (16")
  • Damage track: 2 (3)
  • Systems loadout: None
  • Weapons: vs. wing targets
    • Range: Contact
    • Dice: 2 (3)

Production notes[edit]

The vehicle was later implemented alongside a number of new items onto the Forge palettes of Forge Island, Ravine, Erosion, and Impact for the Halo 4 component of Halo: The Master Chief Collection.


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