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Production information


The Banished[1]



Technical specifications


Boosted gravity propulsion drive


Plasma mortar (1)
Twin Plasma Cannons


1 driver


In service:

Second Ark Conflict


Heavy Mortar Tank
Mainline Tank
Artillery Vehicle [2]


The Banished


The Banished utilize modified Wraiths[2] with additional armor plating and spikes, tabbed corners on new plates, energy shielding, and raw metals and "war paint" to reflect the Banished's aggressive mentality.

Design details[edit]


The Foundry's garage and its kit assembly line allows the requisition of a Banished Wraith.[1] Banished Wraiths used in the Second Ark conflict were manufactured by Eklon War-Forges and developed by the Eklon'dal workshop while ones used in the Installation 07 conflict were manufactured by the Forge of Raansek and developed by the Bolroci workshop.[3]

Crew and complement[edit]

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Banished Wraiths are armed with a plasma mortar and twin plasma cannons for use against ground and air targets. The plasma cannons are hidden underneath the armor.


  • Wraith Invader: An APC variant of the Banished Wraith.[4] In the Covenant, ecclesiastical authorities ultimately oversaw even the most trivial modifications to existing designs. Improvements or alterations required layers of bureaucracy to navigate, and often took decades to gain approval from the Prophets. The Banished approval process is much simpler: if there is a demonstrated need and materials available a pack leader can make any changes that he or she wishes. The Wraith Invader is an example of this freedom, with Pavium taking damaged mortar tank hulls and repurposing them into heavy troop carriers.[5]
  • Ironclad Wraith: A variant of Wraith equipped with ramming spikes and upgraded armor.
  • Terror Wraith: A variant of Wraith equipped with an Infusion gel-firing plasma mortar.

Operational history[edit]

In March 2559 the Banished used their own modified version of the Wraith during operations against the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire on Installation 00.[6]


Halo Wars 2[edit]


  • Info: Core Tank, Heavy damage, Long range
  • Tier: 3
  • Cost: Population 6, Supplies 550, Power 75
  • Wraith upgrade:
    • Scorch Mortar
    • Info: New ability, Shots continue to cause damage after impact.
    • Tier: 3
    • Cost: Supplies 0, Power 850

Wraiths can be built at the Foundry by all Banished leaders. Unlike its Covenant counterpart from Halo Wars, the Banished Wraith in Halo Wars 2 starts off with an energy shield by default. Wraiths do well against infantry and vehicles, and okay against aircraft and structures. In Blitz Wraiths cost 110 energy, Ironclad Wraiths cost 140 energy, and Terror Wraiths cost 150 energy. Ironclad Wraiths agro all nearby damage from enemy units and Terror Wraiths reduce enemy units armor.


  • Various concept art show the Wraith with Plasma Turrets despite the turrets being absent ingame.
  • This is one of the few vehicles of non-human origin known to be submersible, with the others being the Type-47B,[7] Banished Locust and Scarab.[8]


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