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M392 EVO
A GEN3 Mark VII-clad Spartan using a Bandit Evo.
Competitive configuration of the M392 Bandit.[1]

The Bandit Evo is the Legendary variant of the M392 Bandit in Halo Infinite. It was released in Season 05: Reckoning.[2][3]

In-game information[edit]

The Bandit Evo has a number of changes from the standard M392 Bandit:[3]

  • Higher rate of fire from 3.0 rounds per second to 2.9 rounds per second
  • Higher initial number of rounds, from 45 to 60
  • Higher total maximum rounds in reserve, from 60 to 75
  • Eliminated progressive recoil
  • Reduced bloom/error angles
  • 1.4x iron sight magnification replaced by the 1.6x Evo Holopoint magnification
  • Players can be descoped
  • Reworked reticle

In multiplayer, when players pick up or spawn with the Bandit Evo, their customization options are automatically applied to the weapon model.

Production notes[edit]

Following the introduction of the M392 Bandit into Halo Infinite with Season 03: Echoes Within, 343 Industries felt that the weapon required further tweaking in order for it to become a starting weapon in competitive modes. This inspired the creation of the Bandit Evo and the Evo Holopoint sight itself.[3]


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