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Battle for Earth

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This is a timeline of the events slightly before, during, and slightly after the Battle for Earth. The Battle for Earth lasted between October 20 and somewhere around December 3, 2552 or possibly after the later, though notable skirmishes and engagements took place before and after this timeframe. Concurrently with these events, many battles, notably the Battle of Installation 05 and Onyx Conflict, were taking place.

October 2552[edit]

October 20, 2552[edit]

October 21, 2552[edit]

October 20 through November 3, 2552[edit]

November 2552[edit]

November 3, 2552[edit]

November 10, 2552[edit]

November 15, 2552[edit]

November 17, 2552[edit]

  • The Forerunner Dreadnought arrives at Earth. Spartan 117 bails from the ship, landing in a Kenyan jungle. He is recovered by a group of Marines led by Avery Johnson.
  • The Marines, with Spartan-117, make their way to Crow's Nest, where a plan for a counterattack is devised. The base is invaded by the Covenant, and eventually destroyed by the UNSC.
  • The UNSC forces assault the Covenant-held Tsavo Highway, eventually clearing the path to the town of Voi.
  • UNSC Forces neutralize Covenant anti-air defenses in Voi. A battle group from the UNSC Home Fleet initiate the assault on the Forerunner Dreadnought, with no effect. The Portal is activated. Covenant forces flee to Installation 00 through the Portal.
  • Immediately thereafter, a Flood-controlled ship emerges from Slipspace over Voi, crashing to the town. Flood infestation starts spreading around the region. The Sangheili Fleet of Retribution, having given chase, arrives at Earth and glasses Voi as well as its surroundings.
  • A transmission from the UNSC AI Cortana is retrieved from the Flood ship. The Sangheili fleet, along with the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn go through the Portal to the Ark.
  • UNSC forces launch a counteroffensive against the Covenant at free-fire area OZONE.

November 18, 2552[edit]

  • The UNSC Crassus is spotted by Jiralhanae hunting parties and boarded. However, after capturing the flight deck, the Jiralhanae and Unggoy attackers have difficulty pushing into the vessel's cramped interior. The resulting stalemate convinces the Jiralhanae to withdraw, and they settle for destroying the supercarrier's flight tower as they depart.

November 19, 2552[edit]

  • 0630 hours: UNSC flagword LUX is declared and UEG emergency broadcast is initiated.
  • 0700 hours: A tactical nuclear deployment is carried out against multiple shielded Covenant positions.

December 2552[edit]

December 3, 2552[edit]