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The Heavy Recovery Vehicle or "Elephant" is a line of heavy Mobile Assault, Support, and Recovery (MASR) platforms developed and manufactured by JOTUN Heavy Industries.[1][2]


The Elephant is a large, multi-role land vehicle propelled by an array of treads positioned at the front-left, front-right, rear-left, and rear-right of the vehicle. The M312 achieves this by using four treads total[3] while the M313's treads are divided into pairs, operating via eight treads total.[4] The Elephant was originally built by JOTUN Heavy Industries for use in utility and farming industries during early colonial expansion periods. JOTUN was later contracted by the UNSC after several decades in the civilian market to develop and produce the Elephant as an armored repair and recovery vehicle.[1] These Heavy Recovery Vehicles have since become a versatile platform fulfilling a variety of military roles. Elephants are specialized as mobile recovery platforms but can also serve as troop deployment platforms, mobile command bases, and even urban garbage transports.


Related vehicles[edit]

In addition to Elephants the UNSC also employs at least two different kinds of six-wheeled, heavy land vehicles, both named after extinct relatives to the Elephant.

  • M510 Mammoth - Mobile Anti-Aircraft Weapons Platform. This weapon platform is currently the largest known terrestrial armored fighting vehicle used by the United Nations Space Command.
  • M650 Mastodon - Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) primarily utilized by the UNSC Army and colonial defense forces.


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