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This article is about the Covenant communications network. For other uses, see Bnet.
"I've hacked into the Covenant battlenet. They're actually broadcasting tactical data on unencrypted channels. We should show them who they're dealing with."
Cortana to John-117 on Installation 04.

The Covenant battle network,[1] often referred to as the Covenant battle net,[2] or simply the battlenet,[3] is the term for Covenant communication systems maintained to allow instantaneous contact between units, vessels and planets. It is the equivalent to the human COM systems.


Covenant battle network channels are sometimes broadcast on the same frequencies as the UNSC COM, but to date, there is no explanation why; given the fact that this would broadcast the communications of both sides and potentially give up plenty of battle plans for the enemy. The Covenant have been known to broadcast their tactical data through unencrypted battlenet channels.[2] The battlenet can be isolated for deep space broadcast, as well as inter-ship and between units. The battlenet is standard equipment aboard all Covenant vessels which have both intra- and inter-ship battlenets.[4] It can also be accessed through ground communication equipment such as communication nodes.

The Covenant inter-ship battlenet has a curious feature: a system of communicating orders throughout the Covenant fleet. Transmissions carry embedded sub communiques containing orders for ships to various jumps, rendezvouses and tasks. The efficient system allows orders to circulate more quickly throughout the Covenant. However, it seems to have poor counter-intrusion security as AIs like Cortana seem to have no problem in hacking it.

Through John-117's in-suit communications array, Cortana accessed the Covenant battlenet several times over the Battle of Installation 04 in order to gain intelligence. The battlenet was broadcast over all of Installation 04 and by monitoring it, Cortana was able to discern Covenant activity over the ring.[2] Some of the things she was able to find out provided needed answers about the Covenant activity and the nature of the installation.[5] Cortana also used it to find the crashed UNSC Pillar of Autumn in order to destroy Installation 04. At this point, Cortana mentioned that she was going to search "what's left" of it, indicating that all of the chaos threw the battlenet into serious disarray.[6] While raiding the Truth and Reconciliation a second time, Cortana discovered that the battlenet was in such disarray that she couldn't even bring up ship schematics. As a result, she had to rely on records from the last raid to figure out where to go inside the ship.

Near the end of the Human-Covenant War, during the Battle of Earth, a defected Huragok was captured by a squad of ODSTs, and the Huragok agreed to share information in the Covenant battle network after interrogated by Sergeant Major Avery Junior Johnson.[7] Two days later, the battlenet fell into disarray again, this time following the Prophet of Truth's departure through the Portal at Voi at the close of the Battle of Voi.[8]

Covenant battle network frequencies[edit]

These frequencies are most commonly used by the Covenant, but it seems that they occasionally utilize the UNSC D- and E- Bands.

  • Covenant F-Band[9]
  • Covenant G-Band[9]
  • Covenant H-Band[9]
  • Covenant I-Band[9]
  • Covenant J-Band[9]
  • Covenant K-Band[9]

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