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A Tundra Bison fitted with cryoweapons, designed by Serina
Production information
Technical specifications


Coldsnap Launcher


1 Driver
1 Operator


In service:


Cryotech Support Vehicle[1]


"Bison ready to support over."
— A Bison operator.[2]

The Bison is an armored personnel carrier of the United Nations Space Command, primarily utilized by the UNSC Army and colonial defense forces.[3]



Bisons are versatile, light armored vehicles that served as combat elements in a number of roles, including armored personnel carrier and recovery vehicle.[3]

Operational history[edit]

Bisons served as combat elements of the old Colonial Military Authority. It remains in service with several UNSC Army units and local militias such as the Sedran Colonial Guard.[3]

Between 2531 and 2537, Serina designed a Bison with a vacuum energy siphon, scientific instrumentation, and cryotech weaponry. As there are no Bisons aboard the UNSC Spirit of Fire, Isabel looked at improving and repurposing the siphon with her own research data on Forerunner vacuum energy cells, but the delicacy and intricacy of Serina's manufacturing template complicates this effort.[3]


Halo Wars 2[edit]

  • Info: Hero Unit, Fires shells that freeze and damage enemies
  • Tier: Tier 1
  • Cost: Population: 0, Supplies: 300, Power: 275

Bison Upgrade: Cryo Burst

  • Info: New Ability, Bison locks down and freezes surrounding area
  • Tier: Tier 1
  • Cost: Supplies: 0, Power: 300

Bison Upgrade: Heavy Cryo Cannon

  • Info: Weapon Upgrade, Improves Cryo Cannon, increasing damage, range, and freezing speed
  • Tier: Tier 2
  • Cost: Supplies: 0, Power: 450

Bison Upgrade: Heavy Cryo Burst

  • Info: Unit Upgrade, Increases Cryo Burst area of effect
  • Tier: Tier 3
  • Cost: Supplies: 0, Power: 600

The Bison is a hero unit exclusive to Serina. It is a heavily armored and shielded vehicle that works well in conjunction with other cryotech units and abilities. Its Coldsnap Launcher fires experimental cryo shells that damage and chill enemies caught in its area of effect. The Coldsnap Launcher can be upgraded to increase damage, range, and freezing speed. The Bison's Cryo Burst ability allows it to "lock down" and deploy a chilly aura that freezes enemies caught within. They can be purchased at the Armory. Unupgraded Bisons perform well against vehicles, but only okay against infantry, aircraft, and structures. Once the Heavy Cryo Burst upgrade has been purchased, the Bison will perform well against infantry. In Blitz, the Bison costs 220 energy and is a Legendary Unit.


  • Following the UNSC tradition of naming ground vehicles after animals the Bison is named after the Bison, the current largest terrestrial animal of Europe and North America.
  • The Bison may have been named after the Canadian Bison APC, to which it bears a resemblance.
  • Like the M650 Mastodon, the Bison is seemingly based off the cut Cougar from Halo Wars, and the Kodiak from Halo: Reach.


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