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Impulse drive

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Seraphs maneuvering with impulse drives.
"Anchor 9 to UNSC ships: impulse drive signatures detected. Fighter-class."
Anchor 9[1]

Impulse drives are a form of sublight propulsion system used by the Forerunners and later by the Covenant.[2] Forerunner monitors possess impulse drives for long-distance travel,[3] while Sentinels use an exotic form of the impulse drive to fly. Otherwise, both monitors and Sentinels use teleportation grids for transport.[4] The Covenant would later adapt this technology as a form of maneuver drive for their space-capable craft.[5]

Powered by a small pinch fusion reactor, the Covenant's impulse drives convert energy and a small amount of exotic matter into thrust. This process creates a vivid stream of virtual neutrons and protons as a byproduct. Power can be redirected from the craft's other systems to temporarily boost acceleration.[5] As craft fitted with impulse drives are capable of accelerating and decelerating at bone-crushing rates, the crafts require inertial dampers to keep occupants safe.[6]

The Covenant used impulse drives as propulsion systems on their Ren shuttles,[7] Type-27 Banshees,[1] Type-28 Ticks,[6] Type-29 Vampires,[8] Phantom dropships, insertion pods, and Type-56 Lichs.[9] Uztet'sKelln fighters, one of the earliest models of the Banshee, were equipped with twin impulse drives.[10] The Type-31 Seraphs are equipped with an impulse drive,[1] with the tail serving as a thrust vectoring system to direct the exhaust to increase maneuverability.[5]

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