Team Crazy King

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Team Crazy King is a team variant of King of the Hill. In order to win the match, you must be on the hill for one minute.

The hill changes position every minute, however - at the time you must relocate yourself to the hill.

Settings are default. Uncontested hill is on, which means only one team can hold the hill (and earn points) at a time.


Winning a King of the Hill game means a you need to make a mad dash for the hill, and hold your position. It does not take much skill to win at crazy king. You can beat a far superior gamer if you want the hill more than the other team. Time is crucial, as one second can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Weaponry, like in all other multiplayer games is key. A popular tactic is to have someone scout the hills with a sniper rifle, with the rest of the team hunting other power weapons, such as Rocket Launchers. With proper speed and power, Crazy King games can be decidedly easier.

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