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The Halo: Reach Legendary Developer Commentary is an about 2 hours video commentary of Halo: Reach by the Bungie employees Steve Scott, Lee Wilson, Marcus Lehto and Martin O'Donnell. It is only available and viewable on Halo Waypoint to those who bought the Legendary Edition of Reach. The following section is a transcript of the video.[note 1]



  • Martin O'Donnell: "Here it goes."

Screen begins with the opening of Reach:

®2010 Microsoft Corporation

  • O'Donnell: "2010 Microsoft Corporation. Here we go."

Screen pans toward the Nebula cloud in Epsilon Eridani system.

  • O'Donnell: "Watching Reach, and the four of us are all here, and we all worked on this game, and ee've been here for so many years..."

Screen fades and pans around the asteroid belt in the system.

  • O'Donnell: "And who's the first one to introduce himself?"
  • Steve Scott: "Uh, I am Steve Scott. I'm the, uh, FX lead here at Bungie."
  • O'Donnell: "All the cool explosions, Steve."

Screen shows the Microsoft Logo, and then back to the camera panning over one of Reach's moon's surface.

  • Scott: "My department."


  • Scott: "There are, uh, four of us, uh, making effects for this game."
  • Marcus Lehto: "It used to just be Steve."
  • O'Donnell: "I know."
  • Lehto: "Now, Steve has... (imitating wind blowing)"

The screen stops at the planet Reach just as Marcus Lehto makes the sound of wind blowing.

  • Lehto: "...a glorified department. And Lee?"
  • Lee Wilson: "I am Lee Wilson, and I was, er, story and cinematic lead on Reach."
  • O'Donnell: "Nice job, Lee."

Noble Actual

Screen opens with the opening cutscene of the campaign level Noble Actual.

  • O'Donnell: "Just a small team."
  • Lehto: "I'm Marcus Lehto, the creative director for Reach, and errr... Yeah. We are here together with all four of us. Marty, you get to introduce yourself."
  • O'Donnell: "I'm Marty O'Donnell, I'm the audio director and composer for Bungie and Reach."

Screen shows Reach's glassed surface.

  • Lehto: "Reach. Half of the Covenant has dumped on it."
  • Wilson: "There were, uh, a little goats, we imagine."
  • Lehto: "From the beginning, you know the end."

Screen pans down to a Mark V[B] helmet

  • O'Donnell: "You know..."
  • Lehto: "...that it is glassed."
  • O'Donnell: "It's glassed, and they're horrible."
  • Lehto: "The sad, sad, helmet."
  • O'Donnell: "Steve, I love that effect."
  • Lehto: "The hue effect. It's one of the best effect in the game."
  • O'Donnell: "The heat effect."


The screen fades to white:


  • Wilson: "So clean, so simple."
  • Lehto: "A little boring."


Screen shows the first person view of SPARTAN-B312 looking into his helmet before wearing it.

  • Scott: "I think it's pretty cool that we actually made that helmet dynamically change..."
  • Lehto: "Yes."
  • Scott: "...depending on what your selection is."
  • O'Donnell: "Really?"
  • Wilson: "It was surprisingly simple as well. Didn't cause many problems."
  • Lehto: "Come on, Marty, I thought you played this."
  • O'Donnell: "Well, I thought, I thought they burned out all of them, it was always like (gestures nothing)."
  • Lehto & Scott: "What?
  • Lehto: "Did you know how much labor in it?"
  • Scott: "There's a destroyed version of every helmet."

Everyone speaks, making it hard to understand.

  • Lehto: "Scott Shepherd came up with that."
  • O'Donnell: "Wow, that's wonderful."
  • Wilson: "What I like about this 'Hog is that we actually captured CJ driving it across the map. So he's skipping it right now."
  • O'Donnell: "Oh really?"
  • Wilson: "Yeah, it wasn't so, like, custom animated or anything like that."

At this point, the cutscene has already reach the part which Spartan-B312 has entered the UNSC camp and exited the Warthog.

  • O'Donnell: "Now, you notice, guys, that this music is different from what we did in the original trailer. Because the original trailer is for audience, this is..."
  • Lehto &O'Donnell: "...the game."
  • Lehto: "The player experience."
  • Wilson: "And Jun has his helmet off."
  • Lehto: "Do you like his tattoo?"
  • Wilson: "Oh, I love his tattoo."
  • Lehto: "Alright."
  • Wilson: "What is that tattoo?"
  • Scott: "It's a fist, holding..."
  • Lehto: "It's, er, spears."
  • Wilson: "Okay, 'Tip of the Spears'."
  • O'Donnell: "Think that was Scott Shepherd. Wasn't it?"
  • Wilson: "I think so, yeah. I let him sole sculpture that-"
  • Lehto: "No, wait no, it was, uh, Chris Alderson."
  • Wilson: "Okay."
  • Lehto: "I know Scott Shepherd said he was going to tattoo that on his head after this game is done."
  • Wilson: "And he probably will."
  • Lehto: "He is an open canvas."
  • O'Donnell: "We should introduce our actors here."
  • Lehto: "You go right ahead."

In-game, Carter grabs his helmet from the table and turns to face B312.

  • Carter-A259 (in-game): "Lieutenant."
  • SPARTAN-B312 (in-game): "Commander. Sir."
  • O'Donnell: "Now, we're listening to male Six."
  • Lehto: "Mhmm."
  • Scott: "Now, what is his name?"
  • O'Donnell: "Yes. Philip Anthony-Rodriguez. That's his name."

Noble One and Noble Six leaves the building, heading to their Falcon guarded by Jun.

  • O'Donnell: "That's a great shot. Jun's is, err, Sunil."
  • Lehto: "Sunil."
  • Wilson: "Yes."
  • O'Donnell: "Great name."
  • Lehto: "She'd kick your butt."
  • O'Donnell: "She would, too. She was Israeli military. She's great. And who do we miss?"
  • O'Donnell: "Hakeem."
  • Wilson: "And we are complete fanboys around him."
  • O'Donnell: "Totally. It was... He was so much fun to work with."

Winter Contingency

Screen shows the beginning cutscene of the campaign level Winter Contingency.

  • O'Donnell: "Oh."
  • Scott: "This was, uh, this was a ... Halo game had a couple first. One, you could play as a male or female Spartan. And, for the first time, you see the Spartans' face."
  • Lehto: "Finally."
  • Scott: "Finally."
  • Lehto: "Get underneath that armor. It was one of the big mandates when we started this project. Understand a little about these characters were, make them a little bit more iconic than Master Chief ever could be."
  • Scott: "Mhmm."
  • Lehto: "It's cool. I think we pulled that off pretty good."
  • O'Donnell: "Totally."

{Brief Pause}

  • O'Donnell: "So here's a little of the, uh, trailer music just in case you're wondering."
  • Lehto: "Yeah."
  • O'Donnell: "Just a little sneak in, but in a different space."

{Brief Pause}

  • O'Donnell: "So how much, what is the drawed distance?"
  • Lehto: "Way, way further."

Screen enters gameplay, looking from Noble Six' HUD.

  • O'Donnell: "Yeah? How did you worked that up? I mean, this is solely amazing in this."
  • Lehto: "Yeah, we set out to increase the drawed distances, open up the battlefield, and pack them full of, like, four times more things we had ever been able to do in the past."
  • O'Donnell: "So when we are flying in here, we are actually looking at the map we are playing around."
  • Lehto: "Everything we wanted to do is what our engine could do. Coming out of Halo 3."


  • Lehto: "So they had to rebuild nearly everything. As far as the engine is concerned."
  • O'Donnell: "Is that why so many materials has changed a little bit?"
  • Lehto: "Everything changed."
  • O'Donnell: "I know."
  • Lehto: "Yes."
  • O'Donnell: "Okay. I accepted it."

The Falcons land.

  • O'Donnell: "I want to hear myself crunching on the cabbages. They're when I..."
  • Lehto: "Oh God, Marty."


  • Wilson: "No one wants to test what they do. I went up and, uh, I meleed a cabbage."
  • O'Donnell: "Did you hear a cabbage sound?"
  • Wilson: "Um, I think one of the early test was a whip sound."
  • O'Donnell: "A whip sound. Probably. There was wood just at every place for a while. Yeah."
  • Wilson: "But there's a cabbage sound now?"
  • O'Donnell: "No. That has to do with the material effects to be a little more..."
  • Wilson: "Oh, okay."
  • O'Donnell: ""
  • Wilson: "Okay. So, when I go to supermarket to get a cabbage, if I melee it..."

Screen fades from the player walking down the hill to reach the Warthog wreckage site.

  • O'Donnell: "Oh hey, look at that."

In-game, Emile inspects a broken pallet on the ground and removes a beacon from it. He tosses the beacon to Kat behind him.

  • Emile-A239 (in-game): "Found the beacon."
  • Wilson & O'Donnell: "Here we are."
  • O'Donnell': "Here's the first vignette."
  • Scott: "Huh, look at that."
  • O'Donnell: "What is this called? The Thespians system?"
  • Lehto: "Yes."
  • O'Donnell: "What does that do, except for giving us headaches?


  • Lehto: "Oh gosh, Marty, jeez. It allows us to bring, y'know, some of that thousand page script into the game."


Screen fades from the player walking slowly away from the wreckage site to the first bend leading to the first kiva. A Moa runs out.

The four, together, exclaims "Oh, oh, oh!" in excitement.

  • O'Donnell: "Melee that thing!"

The player melees the the Moas, who both make dying chirps.

  • O'Donnell: "It makes a fun noise when you melee it."
  • Scott: "Isn't there an achievement for knocking down a bunch of those?"
  • O'Donnell: "Walk through that yellow bush."

The player, obviously because played the game before recording it and having it commented by the four, does not walk on top of the bush.

  • O'Donnell: "Aww, he didn't hear it. Yellow bushes make noise."
  • Lehto: "Yes."
  • Wilson & Lehto: "You're welcome."
  • Wilson: "What are those ostriches called?"
  • Lehto & O'Donnell: "Moas."
  • Wilson: "And can we ride them?"
  • Lehto: "We used to be able to."
  • Wilson & O'Donnell: "Awww..."
  • Lehto: "Sad days, I know."
  • O'Donnell: "We should tell the fans that there was a joust game that was gonna happen.
  • Lehto: "There was."
  • O'Donnell: "You could ride the Moas and play joust."
  • Lehto: "And it was actually working! For quite a while."
  • Scott: "Sure was."

In-game, the player, Emile and Jorge meet a farmer outside a kiva.

  • Scott: "Another first for Halo game: civilians.
  • O'Donnell: "Civilians. Don't shoot the civilians."
  • Lehto: "Reach is lousy with civilians. Awesome..."
  • Wilson: "... that Jorge is speaking Hungarian here."
  • O'Donnell: "And he understands Hungarian."
  • Lehto: "Yes."
  • Scott: "Wait. Are we revealing he's Hungarian?"
  • O'Donnell: "Apparently."
  • Lehto: "You just did. Did you know what he said?"
  • Wilson: "Umm..."
  • O'Donnell: "This is really translated Hungarian. And we had phonetically spoken dialogue to teach the actors."
  • Jorge-052 (in-game): "Azt mondtam befelé!"
  • O'Donnell: "'Befelé!', which means 'get back'. That's where he wants to belong."
  • Carter-A259 (in-game): "Noble Team, double-time."

In-game, Noble Team sprints to the building indicated by the navpoint.

  • Lehto: "Press left button to Sprint! Go, go!"

The screen fades from the player sprinting across the bridge to the player reaching the indicated building.

  • Wilson: "Wow, look at the rain!"
  • Lehto: "I love the new rain system."

In-game, Carter, Kat and Noble Six enters the building, and discover corpses.

  • Scott: "Look, you go inside and you don't see the rain anymore."
  • O'Donnell: "You see the pity-patter pattern from the roof?"
  • Lehto: "Mhmm. Sage did a good job with that."
  • Scott: "A few buzzing flies..."
  • Wilson: "I like the lighting too. It's creepy."
  • O'Donnell: "It's messy. It's spooky."

Screen fades from the player walking down the adjacent corridor of the room to the player walking into the farm building.

  • O'Donnell: "The Jackals are not there."

The other three muttered "Skirmisher", annoyed.

  • Lehto: "Come on."
  • O'Donnell: "Sorry. I meant Skirmisher."
  • Jun-A266 (COM) (in-game): "Boss! I'm seeing movement. Outside your structure!"
  • O'Donnell: "Here we go. First battle."

In-game, the player looks around the room, looking at Carter at the past room and then back in the room he is in, and sees Kat aiming her M6G Pistol at Covenant troops outside.

  • O'Donnell: "Kat!"

The player switches to his M6G Pistol, zooms into the KFA-2 x2 scope and fires at the Skirmisher Major standing outside on the roof. The Skirmisher flinches a few times and fall behind cover.

  • O'Donnell: "Ohh... Killed that one.

In-game, the player climbs down the stairs, moving down to he first floor of the farm building.

  • Scott: "Hopefully we will get to see my, uh, my first appearance in a Halo game... as Falcon Pilot Number Two."

In-game, the player throws a frag grenade at the Skirmishers on the first floor.

  • Lehto: "Yes!"
  • Scott: "Oh wait, that was it! We missed it, awwww..."


In-game, the team move down to the ground floor and fire at the enemies coming into the building.

  • Lehto: "This is one of my favorite areas. The exit out of this is, er, pioneer barn, out into the pastor. It's a great Firefight map too. This is so cool, we integrated all the multiplayer and Firefight spaces into the campaign."

Screen fades from the player exiting in the structure to outside in the yard.

  • Lehto: "There was a big pain in the butt, I don't know if we do it again, if we do this game over, uh, but I think overall, it served its, uh, purpose well here."
  • Scott: "Field's great to me. 'cause you, you see all these spaces and several different kinds of effects. It's just really cool."
  • Lehto: "Hey, you get to play through the daytime here when it's raining. And then in Firefight, we can turn the rain off, we can brighten up. We did that a lot for the multiplayer maps. Thank goodness I had help in this project, because we had so many water features in the game."
  • O'Donnell: "You did the first waterfall on Halo, in Halo 1. "
  • Lehto: "That's right."
  • O'Donnell: "I remember that. (Unintelligible) It took only falls. As soon as you moved out to Seattle, you started using the Seattle floors."
  • Lehto: "Hey, hey, hey. (Marty laughs) You gotta get inspired!"

In-game, the team eliminated the lance of Covenant dropped by a Spirit. The player passes by a few dropped plasma grenades.

  • Wilson: "Oh, pick up those plasmas!"
  • Scott: "We probably had more waterfalls in this game than all the other Halo games..."
  • Lehto & Scott: "Combined."
  • Lehto: "Yes, we did."
  • Scott: "We had, uh, FX artist Jeff Palmer do a lot of the particle side..."
  • Lehto: "Yeah, the effects are amazing. I loved the stuffs that he did. With the water particles coming down, they look amazing. "
  • O'Donnell: "Yeah, they look so cool. And if you stand up in the..."


In-game, the Spartans cross a river to continue eliminate Covenant troops.

  • Lehto: "My favorite part about this is that the engineers made some changes to physics, so when they, uh, when all the Spartans run in the water, they all got swept away. Down the river."


  • Scott: "There was this point you can't even go against the current."
  • Lehto: "Yeah. Just getting..."
  • Scott & Lehto: "...sweep away."
  • Lehto: "Killed the mission every time."
  • O'Donnell: "There's patching fog."
  • Lehto: "Man, what a great atmosphere."

In-game, 3 Ultra Elites enter the battlefield.

  • O'Donnell: "This is the first game we had a, you guys probably don't even notice this, but a balance between combat dialogue and mission dialogue and cinematic dialogue. And the way they all flows together. Volume balance is as good as we ever done. Better than we ever done."

In-game, the last Ultra Elite lost its energy shielding and puts up his hands as he roars furiously.

  • Scott: "He's really angry about it."
  • O'Donnell: "Finally learning."

In-game, Noble Team regroup as the the Ultra Elite is killed.

  • Carter-A259 (in-game): "Stand down, Noble, stand down. Contacts neutralized."
  • Jorge-052 (in-game): "Contacts? It's the damn Covenant!"
  • Lehto: "'It's the damn Covenant.'"
  • O'Donnell: "Marcus... I'm scared..."
  • Lehto: "More Moas..."
  • O'Donnell: "Ride them! Why don't we hit the Moas? Y'know, most people will melee the Moas as soon as they see them. It's impossible to not to. {Brief Pause} Y'know, for a while, every time you kill a Moa, Kat would laugh, 'cause she had a, uh, little response when killing an alien. So sometimes you hear this bug, that we were..."
  • Lehto: "Why did you take that out?"
  • Wilson: "...that she was kinda cruel."
  • O'Donnell: "So we actually had to take that out."
  • Lehto: "Aww… Bummer. "
  • O'Donnell: "As soon as I heard it they did a saved film of her laughing when you kill a Moa, it was so good, I wanted to keep it."
  • Lehto: "I like the bug where you can kill Kat and she'd come back as a zombie. She would come back with that (imitates zombie moan, others laugh) voice and just go follow you around with that (imitates zombie moan)."

Screen fades from the player entering the canyon in the truck to the player finding the troopers at one of the kivas.

  • Scott: "I missed that one."
  • Lehto: "The best thing ever."
  • Travis (COM) (in-game): "The Covenant is on Reach. I repeat: the Covenant is on Reach.""
  • Lehto: "What?"
  • Wilson & O'Donnell: "Yeah."
  • O'Donnell: "The guy we just heard."
  • Lehto: "Thanks."
  • O'Donnell: "But better than Office Space was Band of Brothers."

In-game, the player, with the help of the AI-controlled characters, guns down the last Covenant troops attacking the troopers.

  • Lehto: "For fans, that previous encounter right there is so fun to do with vehicle only, just plow through them. Back and forth. Plow through them, mow them down like a giant harvester."
  • Scott: "I never tried it that way."
  • O'Donnell: "Yes, he is the famous, irrelevant place. The thing is, Corporal Travis."
  • Scott & Lehto: "Yeah."
  • O'Donnell: "And we never see Corporal Travis ever again. It's really depressing to me."


  • Scott: "I love how we brought back the tuning fork. It was always one of my favorite vehicles."
  • Wilson: "Oh yeah, it's so iconic."
  • Lehto: "The 'Spirit'."
  • Scott: "Oh, I'm sorry. The 'Spirit'."


  • Lehto: "I never call that though. I can't. It's really far away from a tuning fork."
  • Wilson: "Oh my God. I love the sound of that grenade."
  • Lehto: "Although, you know, the thing cost more than, like, half our vehicle combined."
  • O'Donnell: "What? The tuning fork?"
  • Lehto: "'Cause it had, like, individual seats with little handles, and cushions, and everything. There's, what, 8 seats on the sides…"
  • O'Donnell: "Yeah, see? That's why we had to cut the music."
  • Lehto: "No, we cut it way back. It became affordable."
  • Scott: "I like the different designs of the, uh, windmills."
  • Lehto: "Yeah, the big, various turbine-like kinda things. I don't know what you call those…"
  • Scott: "The little circular ones?"
  • O'Donnell: "Turbines?"
  • Lehto: "Hmm. They're cool."
  • O'Donnell":

In-game, all Covenant troops have been taken out.

  • Army Trooper (in-game): "Everybody okay?"
  • Carter-A259 (in-game): "Check in!"
  • O'Donnell: "See, there's some example of nice combat dialogue response behavior."
  • Carter-A259 (in-game): "Transport, LZ is clear. Move in for evac."

A Falcon, with Jun on the side seat, lands in front of the player.

  • Lehto: "Falcon. Finally. You get a troop carrier in here."
  • Scott: "So this part you're leaving the kiva area, the little residential, farming community. And you're-"
  • Lehto: "We didn't even bother how much effort we put in to build real, human-scale environment in the kivas. I guess-"
  • O'Donnell: "We should tell everybody that some of the kivas are built for pottery manufacturing, and some of them are for…"
  • O'Donnell: "Agriculture."
  • Scott: "Aquaculture is, uh, farming fish. Fishery. We thought about all that stuff, we went in to a lot of detail thinking about who are the people who lived there, what they did, how they survived in this rough, scrap of land on top of the mountain.
  • Lehto: "We, uh, debated on that for about six to eight months. Drove some of the artists absolutely insane. But, uh, that came together pretty well."
  • Wilson: "I seem to remember going through one of those things and, like, breaking every pot in there, and then realizing there are, like, a couple civilians standing there, actually feeling embarrassed that I just went through and break their house.
  • Lehto: "They were pretty upset."


  • Lehto: "We should have some civilians alive standing around. Complain when you broke their stuff."
  • Scott: "'You're a jerk!'"
  • Lehto: "Yeah."


  • Scott: "That would have been possible."

The player, having exited the Falcon several seconds ago, engages the Jackals and Grunts outside the Visegrád Relay.

  • Lehto: "Ah! The outpost! It is a great encounter!"
  • O'Donnell: "The communication outpost."
  • Lehto: "Niles did a great job on this."
  • O'Donnell: "I would see how the music ends in this one. 'Cause, this has to expand, but still feel like an actual ending."

The screen fades from the player entering the outpost to the outpost's door closing, skipping the defending section of the level.

  • O'Donnell: "Oh, they caught it, one of the places where it's gonna go long. Ah, and it fades in to one of the spooky areas."
  • Wilson: "Hm. Alright."
  • O'Donnell: "Now here's a question I have about this mission dialogue."
  • Carter-A259 (in-game): "Can't see a thing… Noble Six, turn on you night vision."
  • O'Donnell: "Now, so, Carter says he can't see a thing, and he tells you to turn on your night vision. Does that help him see better?"
  • Lehto: "He broadcast that to all of Noble Team."
  • Wilson: "It would be a good idea to turn on your night vision."
  • Lehto: "It was a helpful suggestion. Why didn't you change it?"
  • O'Donnell: "I should have."
  • Lehto: "Man, you're lame."
  • O'Donnell: "I know."

In-game, the mid-level cutscene begins:

Six begins to search a body on the ground. Carter attends a wounded trooper leaning against the wall.

  • Carter-A259 (in-game): "Where's the rest of your unit?"
  • Army Corporal (in-game): "We got split. I don't think they... It sounded bad on the comms."
  • Carter-A259 (in-game): "All right, Corporal, stay put. We'll get you a combat surgeon."
  • O'Donnell: "Think that's Ron Livingston again."

In-game, a data module falls on the ground from the corpse on the ground.

  • Lehto: "Plop!"
  • Wilson: "I love the way she snatches it."

In-game, Kat snatches the data module from Six's hand.

  • Catherine-B320 (in-game): "I'll take that, Six. Not your domain."
  • Wilson: "Gimme that."
  • Jorge-052 (in-game): "I've got a live one over here! Come on, out you come."

In-game, Jorge drags out a young female civilian, but she struggles to escape, repeatedly hitting him while speaking frantic Hungarian.

  • Lehto: "Oh, Marty…"
  • O'Donnell: "Oh, Sára…"
  • Lehto: "I hate to ask you to break that, mixed that back. I don't know how many times."
  • O'Donnell: "What?"
  • Lehto: "The (imitates Sára's Hungarian)."
  • O'Donnell: "Come on, that's perfect!"
  • Wilson: "There's some amazing motion capture animation coming up.
  • Lehto: "This is…"
  • Sára Sorvad (in-game): "Itt vannak."
  • O'Donnell: "Itt vannak."

In-game, a Sangheili Field Marshall jumps down from an upper floor and ignites its Energy Sword. The Elite slashes at Jorge, but he dodges the strike, pulling the civilian to the ground and covering her with his body. The Marshall growls a challenge at the rest of Noble Team and charges. Two more Zealots jump down to support the Marshall.

  • Lehto: "Crazy!"
  • O'Donnell: "…and that means 'they are still here'. That's what she's saying."
  • Wilson: "Yeah."
  • Lehto: "Okay. There it is, and Marty goes off the rail with music. "


  • Lehto: "What possessed you here?"
  • O'Donnell: "It's a confusing time!"
  • Lehto: "I love this!"

In-game, the two Zealots head for another door leading deeper into the facility, one holding the wounded corporal as a shield and forcing Noble Team to hold their fire.

  • Wilson: "And the Elite hits its head on the door there, thump! There we go."
  • O'Donnell: "This is, this actually is me playing, which is funny, because you think I wouldn't go on playing that."
  • Lehto:Watch that grab on the door (struggling grunts)"
  • Carter-A259 (in-game): "Negative, Four, stay on the entrance! Two, handle her!"
  • O'Donnell: "'Two, handler her!'"
  • Carter-A259 (in-game): "Five and Six, clear the hole!"

In-game, Jorge and Six approaches the door the Zealots escaped through. Six reloads his Assault Rifle.

  • O'Donnell: "I love this door."
  • Wilson: "The Jorge door slam is really cool."
  • O'Donnell: "Hit the strings."

In-game, Jorge closes the door.

  • Wilson: "Chumm!"
  • O'Donnell: "Nice… I'm digging in."


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  1. ^ While many in-game events occur in the game screen, only relevant lines and situations are described in this page to avoid large amount of memory use.