Unidentified ancilla (Shield World 0459)

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This article is about the AI charged with decontamination. For the overall custodian of the shield world, see Little Bit.
Unidentified ancilla (Shield World 0459)
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Protect the interior of the shield world from the Flood

"Security barrier breached. High order infection detected. Unidentified alien intrusion detected. Initiating stage three defense protocols."
— The ancilla as the UNSC Spirit of Fire enters the Shield World

This unidentified ancilla was a Forerunner ancilla stationed on the Etran Harborage.[1] The ancilla was in charge of the cleansing ring systems designed to rid incoming vessels of Flood infection within the shield world's entrance tunnels.


Human-Covenant War[edit]

Main article: Battle of the Etran Harborage

On February 23, 2531, when scanning the surface of the Etran Harborage, the UNSC Spirit of Fire accidentally initiated an automated docking mechanism and was subsequently pulled into one of the portals on the surface that led into the interior of the shield world. As the ship made its way through the tunnel, the ancilla detected a "high order" Flood infection, as well as intrusion by humans, though the ancilla did not recognize the latter. The AI initiated "Stage 3 Defense Protocols", which included activating Sentinels, Super Sentinels, and cleansing rings to clear away the Flood and the "unknown alien intrusion".[1] It was most likely destroyed when the shield world was obliterated by a supernova caused by Spirit of Fire's crew.

This ancilla's voice did not resemble those of most other known Forerunner AIs. While ancillas like the monitors have more natural-sounding voices, this construct spoke in a robotic monotone. It may have been a Forerunner counterpart to a human "dumb" AI, as it did not recognize the humans on its installation as Reclaimers, instead referring to them as "unknown aliens".

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