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Second Squad is a generic name for small UNSC military units during operations.

Known units[edit]

Battle of the Silent Cartographer[edit]

During the Battle of the Silent Cartographer, Sergeant Waller commanded a second Marine squad. They attempted to attack the interior of the island, but were killed by Covenant resistance, including two Hunters. Waller himself seems to have managed to escape. The squad was equipped with a Warthog and large amounts of Assault Rifle and Magnum ammunition, which helped John-117 later during the battle indirectly.[1]

Assault on the Flood containment facility[edit]

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A second squad went to the Flood Containment Facilities with Captain Jacob Keyes onboard a Pelican dropship. They rendezvoused with Fire Team Charlie from Victor 933. They were ambushed by the previously Flood outside and warned Charlie Team. Most of Second Squad were killed before Echo 419's arrival.

Battle of Mombasa[edit]

ODSTs of the Second Squad taking cover from sniper fire.

The ODSTs on the second Pelican of the UNSC assault from the UNSC In Amber Clad during the Battle of Mombasa were called the Second Squad.[2] Their Pelican was shot down by a Covenant Scarab walker. It landed on the Old Mombasa beach, from where the squad fought their way[3] to the nearby Hotel Zanzibar. Unfortunately for them, the Covenant decided to station a command post in the nearby buildings, and the squad was attacked by large amounts of Covenant. Luckily for them, the Chief was able to rescue them in time by attacking the Covenant forces from the opposite direction. The squad then helped the Master Chief to push back to the beach in order to clear a path to the City Center.

Recovering Spartan-117[edit]

During the opening stages of the Battle of Voi on November 17, 2552, after finding and recovering the Master Chief, Johnson led Second squad to the LZ where they were to be extracted by Echo 51 and another unnamed Pelican. Unfortunately the Pelicans were shot down by Banshee fighters and crashed on a nearby cliff. Johnson and the survivors of Second Squad were then captured by a Brute Chieftain. They were later rescued by the Master Chief and airlifted out by Kilo 023.

Crow's Nest[edit]

During the Covenant assault on Crow's Nest on November 17, 2552, a unit call signed Second Squad was stationed as a perimeter patrol for above ground vehicular hangars GG and HH.[4] After the base was attacked, the squad was attacked by a group of Covenant. Another marine squad, led by Sergeant Reynolds and the Master Chief, attacked the Covenant forces with Warthogs and picked the remnants of the squad up to join them in their way to Voi.

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