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Butkus was a UNSC Marine and Orbital Drop Shock Trooper stationed at Earth in 2552. He was part of the 7th Shock Troops Battalion.[1]


Butkus and his squad taking cover.

During the Battle for Earth, his squad was dispatched from the UNSC In Amber Clad to relieve the ground forces. Their D77-TC Pelican was shot down over Old Mombasa by a Type-47A Scarab walker. He survived the crash, but his squad was soon attacked by a Covenant patrol. He was nearly killed by a Kig-Yar Sniper, but Butkus managed to just avoid the shot. A Special Operations Sangheili then tried to sneak up on him with a Type-1 energy sword. Butkus' rifle was destroyed and he himself narrowly dodged the attack and fell to the ground, picking up a Type-25 plasma pistol and charging it. As the Sangheili took Fones hostage, Butkus was able to shoot the Sangheili and save his squadmate. His squad then met up with John-117 and helped him to chase down and destroy the Scarab.[1]

He is presumed to be alive, since his CO Gunnery Sergeant Stacker had returned to In Amber Clad afterward, although he and other members of Stacker's squad weren't mentioned later.[1]


  • Butkus is named after the Bungie employee John Butkus. He worked on the animations and cinematics for Halo 2.[2]
  • Butkus used a dropped Plasma Pistol to take down a Sangheili's shields, followed by a Battle Rifle burst from Stacker. This is commonly referred to as the Noob Combo.


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