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This article is about the political title. For the human Inner Colony, see Minister (planet).

A minister is a politician that heads a government ministry. The title is used by both the Unified Earth Government and the Covenant.

Covenant ministers[edit]

The Minister of Etiology

Since San'Shyuum were the only species entitled to hold civilian government positions, the position of minister was held exclusively by Prophets. Each of the Covenant ministerial bodies were headed by its own minister, and each minister represented their ministry on the High Council, serving as a High Councilor. A vice minister served as a direct subordinate and deputy to each minister. In the event of a minister's absence, a vice minister would substitute in for them during High Council sessions.[1] When a minister proved to be unable to accomplish their duties—by pursing their own personal agenda rather than carrying out their ministerial function, for example—or ignored their responsibilities, the minister could be dismissed.[2][3] In war, the weapons deployed by a Covenant fleet depended almost entirely on the ministers responsible for fleet logistics and weapon procurement, occasionally with no other reason other than aesthetic purposes.[4] Ministers were permitted to use powerful anti-gravity chairs capable of individual flight.[5] Their chairs were armed with a powerful assault cannon that allowed the minister to defend themselves.[6] Some ministers assigned themselves to a fleet, such as the Minister of Etiology assigning himself to the Fleet of Particular Justice.[7][8] A minister could have possessed several other titles, including High Lord and Prophet.[9]

Ministers have private offices, situated on top of large towers, with room for only one. This was used to send a message to members of the Covenant that "there was only room for one at the top". Ministers could hand-pick Sangheili Honor Guardsmen within the Lights of Sanghelios serve as their personal guards for their offices.[1] Many ministers were killed during the Battle of Installation 05, as many traveled to the ring's Flood-infested surface to examine the holy object for themselves.[10]

Known Covenant ministers[edit]

UEG ministers[edit]

Ministers of the Unified Earth Government head government departments. Not all leaders of government departments are titled "Minister" however, with some, such as Defense, using the title of "Secretary".[11]

Known UEG ministers[edit]

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