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David Agnoli
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David Agnoli: "Do you think the old bat's ever going to die, Captain? Or will she transmogrify into her true basilisk form, and vanish in a puff of sulfur? I'd pay good money to see that."
Serin Osman: "The admiral speaks very highly of you, too, David. I think the word was weasel. Well, it began with a W, anyway."
— Captain Osman gives a retort to Minister Agnoli's disrespect for Admiral Margaret Parangosky.[1]

David Agnoli was the Unified Earth Government's minister for the colonies prior to the election of President Ruth Charet in January 2553, who soon replaced him in her cabinet with Akeyo Oduya.[1][2]


"In other news, UEG President Ruth Charet has unveiled her new cabinet. Among the casualties is Colonies Minister David Agnoli, who's been replaced by Akeyo Oduya."
— A Waypoint Nine News update announces David's removal from the position of Colonies Minister.[2]

David Agnoli was serving as the Unified Earth Government's minister for the colonies when the decades-long war against the Covenant hegemony finally came to an end.[1] On January 26, 2553 Captain Serin Osman found David Agnoli loitering outside Admiral Margaret Parangosky's Core 5 office within HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6. Though he'd neglected to make an appointment with Parangosky, the Commander-in-Chief of the Office of Naval Intelligence, he proposed that Osman could get him an audience with her. He did this in the midst of openly disrespecting the admiral and absentmindly leafing through Osman's own precious copy of The Admiralty Manual of Seamanship Volume II in front of her. When the office door finally opened so that Parangosky's flag lieutenant, Dorsey, could admit the captain, he greeted the minister and asked if they'd be seeing him at President Charet's reception later. To this David merely said it was possible. Before showing himself out he then took great care to return the book to the shelf he'd been sitting on and suggested that perhaps Dorsey could set up a meeting between he and Parangosky.[1] Within only a matter of days following this, the president unveiled her new cabinet.[2] Agnoli was among the casualties, having been replaced as colonies minister by Akeyo Oduya.[2]

Personality and characteristics[edit]

"Come on, you're the annointed one. You can get me in to see her, can't you?"
— David attempts to talk Serin Osman into getting him a meeting with Admiral Parangosky.[1]

In the wake of the Human-Covenant War, Minister Agnoli apparently thought that he could use the apparent advent of peacetime to advance his own interests.[1] To the artificial intelligence Black-Box, who took some time to observe him, he seemed to be a dolt who didn't grasp the measure of the United Nations Space Command and should have realized that the war was anything but truly over. David held no qualms about candidly making jokes at the expense of powerful people and was disliked by both Serin Osman and Margaret Parangosky, who supposedly was known to refer to him as a weasel.[1]

In 2019 Francisco Labbe played the character of Enrique Escalera in The Hustle.[3]

Production notes[edit]

"Halo TV series. Honored to be working with Peaky Blinders BAFTA award-winning director Otto Bathurst in Budapest, Hungary this winter."
— Francisco Labbe announces his casting as David Agnoli.[4]

"David" is an ancient Hebrew name and the surname "Agnoli" is Italian in origin.[5][6] David Agnoli was first featured in Karen Traviss' Halo: Glasslands and will be played by Chilean-born British actor Franciso Labbe in Showtime's Halo television series.[1][7]

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