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Ruth Charet
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Doctor Ruth Charet is the President of the Unified Earth Government in the wake of the Human-Covenant War.[1]


"Humanity can now breathe again. The Covenant has finally been driven back. The cost in lives—our troops and our citizens—has been enormous. But freedom never comes cheaply, and now, we rebuild. I promise this to every man, woman and child on Earth and in its colonies. While we will continue to strive for a peaceful coexistence with other species, humanity will never again allow itself to be the victim of aggression. This is the moment we start to reclaim our rightful place in the universe."
— President Ruth Charet delivers an address during her inauguration.[1]

Doctor Ruth Charet was one of a number of politicians and academics who vyed for the post of president of the Unified Earth Government following the cessation of war against the Covenant and amidst the official transition back to civilian governance.[4] Doctor Charet was installed as president on January 8, 2553.[5] In her inaugural speech she emphasized that now that the war, humanity could finally breathe again.[1] And though the conflict's cost in lives had been enormous, she reminded everyone that freedom never comes cheaply and that now they could rebuild. Doctor Charet additionally promised that while the UEG would strive for a peaceful coexistence alongside alien species, the human race would never again allow itself to be the victim of aggression. She claimed that moment to mark the start of humankind's reclaimation of its rightful place in the universe. On January 26 President Charet held a reception. Those invited included Admiral Margaret Parangosky and David Agnoli, Minister for the Colonies.[1][6] Within a matter of days following this the president unveiled her new cabinet and Minister Agnoli was among the casualties, having been replaced in his role by Akeyo Oduya.[2]

By October of 2556, President Charet and other UEG bureaucrats were embroiled in a political imbroglio surrounding the alliance with the Swords of Sanghelios. Charet had to work against not only the majority of the rest of the UEG in this regard, but also had to deal with meddling from ONI that risked the fragile peace.[7]

On March 24, 2558, Dr. Charet spoke at a ceremony commemorating the reopening of New Phoenix, eight months after the city was attacked and quarantined.[3]


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