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Minister of Inquisition
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November 17, 2552

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Covenant Ministry of Inquisition




The Minister of Inquisition was the San'Shyuum minister aboard the Ket-pattern battlecruiser, Harbinger of Piety, during the Battle for Earth in November, 2552.[1]

He was deceived into believing Ruwan Ackerson was himself the Key of Osanalan and had the man brought aboard. During the interrogation, he mockingly revealed that he was aware that Ruwan was injected with the organic tracking material Tykos 30, believing that it was intended to track him for a rescue mission. However, Ruwan revealed that the compound's primary function was to assist in target tracking. This baffled and frightened the Minister, who began to realize that he had been drawn into a trap. Moments later, the Nassau Station orbital defense platform locked onto his position and fired its MAC gun, destroying the Harbinger of Piety and killing them both.


Like all other known San'Shyuum, his name is ironic to the reality. His name, "Inquisition", means "a period of prolonged and intensive questioning or investigation", which contradicts his interrogation with Ruwan Ackerson, which ended shortly and abruptly after Ackerson's arrival.

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