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Minister of Discovery
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The Minister of Discovery was a San'Shyuum holding the title of Minister. Ageing 1,300 revolutions at the time of his death in 2552, he had held his Ministerial title for 214 revolutions.


In 2552, the Minister of Discovery was responsible for unlocking the seals of a Flood containment facility on Installation 04, while he was safely aboard his vessel. This resulted in the deaths and consumption of his team within the facility and the ensuing Flood outbreak during the Battle of Installation 04.[1]

During the invasion of High Charity by the Flood, the Minister barricaded himself in his quarters to escape the parasite. In his last hours, he wrote a written confession on the walls of his chamber, expressing his regret for the failings and lies of himself and his people, in the small chance that it could be read by future generations. Once his confession was completed, he unlocked the doors to his chamber, allowing the Flood to enter and kill him.[2]


The Minister of Discovery's name, like most Prophets, is contrary to his true nature. For decades he helped suppress the truth of why the Covenant began their genocidal campaign against humanity. While he eventually came to regret his actions, his last will and testament was presumably lost when the city was destroyed by John-117, never to be discovered again.

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