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Minister (planet)

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This article is about the human Inner Colony. For the political position, see Minister (title).




Unified Earth Government

"Shit. And then to Minister, like everyone else, right?"
— Lance Corporal Morton, referring to his evacuation to Minister after Miridem's glassing[1]

Minister is a human colony governed by the Unified Earth Government, located among the Inner Colonies.[2] Regarded as a "tough world",[3] the planet was one of the few remaining active colonies that remained unknown to the Covenant and undamaged following the end of the Human-Covenant War in 2552.[4] The little information of the colony, even among the United Nations Space Command, may have been what saved it from the Covenant.[2]

Minister was the homeworld of Spartan-II Jerome-092, who was born in 2511 to a poor family in the infamous Palaikos borderlands, an undeveloped portion of the planet known for its high crime rates.[3][5] Morton evacuated to Minister after Miridem was glassed in 2544, along with numerous other refugees from the war.[1]

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