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Soell system
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Stellar overview

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The Soell system is the planetary system in which Threshold, Basis, and Installation 04 are located.[1] It is located in relative proximity to the Epsilon Eridani system[2] within the Orion Arm of the Milky Way.[3] Soell is orbited by nine planets: four outer planets and five inner planets separated by an asteroid belt.[4][5]


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Planetary system

The five inner planets of the Soell system all appear to be terrestrial. The innermost planet is small with one small natural satellite. The second planet is small and moonless. The third orbiting body is a tiny, cratered planet with two small natural satellites. The fourth planet is orbited by three moons. The fifth planet orbiting Soell is a terrestrial planet with a slight ovoid shape and a single natural satellite.[4]

Beyond the relatively sparse asteroid belt, the sixth orbiting planet is a large, ringed gas giant. Threshold is the seventh and largest planet in Soell's orbit.[6] Threshold is orbited by 12 satellites, including Basis, its largest satellite, and Installation 04.[1] The eighth planet is a shattered, rocky world. The ninth planet orbiting Soell is a large, cratered terrestrial planet. Soell's outermost orbiting planet has an elliptical orbit, thus occasionally bringing it closer to Soell than the eighth closest planet.[4]



The system is named after Matt Soell, a former Bungie employee.[7]


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