Sepulo'tez Workshop gravity hammer

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Sepulo'tez Workshop War Hammer
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Production overview



Gravity hammer



203.7 centimetres (80.2 in)[1]


38.7 kilograms (85 lb)[1][5]

Ammunition type:

Electromagnetic/[6] Gravitic energy[7]

Feed system:

100 energy units[3]

Effective range:


Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts[8]


The Sepulo'tez Workshop War Hammer (UNSC Type classification: Type-2 Energy Weapon/Hammer, T-2 EW/H),[5] more commonly known as the gravity hammer, is a melee weapon developed by Sepulo'tez Workshop.[2] It was presumably manufactured by the Sacred Promissory on High Charity following the Jiralhanae's absorption into the Covenant.[9]


Design details[edit]

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The Sepulo'tez Workshop War Hammer is one of the many gravity hammers variants manufactured by the Covenant; the aesthetic and operational design of the Sepulo'tez Workshop gravity hammer is tailored for eponymous clan.[3][9] As with other variants of the gravity hammer, the Sepulo'tez Workshop gravity hammer integrates the traditional Jilrahanae-bladed war hammer with repurposed Covenant gravity impellers.[2] In addition to the tungsten-alloy blade attached to the reverse side of the hammer, the hammerhead contains a short-range gravity drive,[3] allowing the wielder displace gravity at a targeted location—though conventional manipulation of the weapon typically eliminates the need for such extraordinary use.[9]


The gravity hammer served dual purposes as a weapon as well as a defining ceremonial vestige of clan leadership, and is thus typically wielded by a chieftain or other high-ranking members.[9] The Sepulo'tez Workshop variant was one of variants commonly used by the Jiralhanae within the Banished.[2] It has also been used by Spartan-IVs in War Games simulations.[8]


  • Corpsemaker: An improved variant with faster swing time and additional energy capacity, made from the finest materials its creator could coerce or steal from raider lairs on Warial and Teash.[10]
  • Grinder: An improved variant with uncalibrated impellors that generate an unstable gravimetric vortex EMP at the point of impact.[10]
  • Tartarus' Gavel: One of the many advanced variants secretly forged from the Sacred Promissory, with its creation tracing back to Tartarus, who used his relationship with the Prophets during his ascent to power within the Covenant to reward loyal lieutenants with advanced weaponry. Mythic gravity hammer that unleashes a linear series of kinetic explosions with each swing that also EMPs vehicles. Equipping Tartarus' Gavel also boosts movement speed, shield strength, and jump height.[10]


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The Sepulo'tez Workshop gravity hammer is featured in Halo 5: Guardians. The gravity hammer is a powerful melee weapon that can kill multiple foes in one swing, and can even be effectively used against vehicles. They are power weapons which appear on some multiplayer maps.


  • Despite the lack of Brutes in the game, the gravity hammer appears in Halo 5: Guardians, likely due to its unique gameplay niche, its fan-favoritism, and its important role in Grifball.
  • In Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians, if the player is hit with a gravity hammer but does not die, the player will hear an ear ringing sound effect usually heard when they is hit with explosives in the campaign.


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