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Production information


JOTUN Heavy Industries[1]

Technical specifications


15.4 metres (50 ft 6 in)[2]




Driver (1)



Urban garbage transport


Unified Earth Government


The Olifant is a civilian waste management variant of the M313 Elephant heavy recovery vehicle. It is used as a garbage truck in major cities, such as New Mombasa, and can be remote-controlled by an urban infrastructure AI.[3] While they share a similar profile, the Olifant is considerably smaller than its military counterpart at 15.4 meters in length in contrast to the 25.7 meters of the M313 HRV.[2]

Service history[edit]

New Mombasa Waste Management owned these vehicles, operated by the city's Superintendent. During the Covenant invasion of New Mombasa, Vergil used one to save Sadie Endesha from the corrupt Commissioner Kinsler by slamming it into his Pelican, then proceeding to dump its payload of garbage on him. The Olifant was then used by Sadie and Mike Branley to move through Covenant-occupied New Mombasa, in an attempt to rescue Sadie's father. It was later destroyed by a Wraith after a salesman, who was also hiding in the Olifant, opened the top hatch and attempted to surrender.[3]

The next day, another Olifant was used by Vergil and Veronica Dare to escape from New Mombasa along with Edward Buck and the Rookie. It received heavy damage while escaping along the New Mombasa Waterfront Highway after being hit by Scarab's focus cannon. It had the ability to extend shields while Vergil was inside the Olifant. Due to the damage it received from the Scarab, the vehicle was abandoned outside of the Uplift Nature Reserve.[4]


  • Olifant is the Dutch and Afrikaans word for Elephant.
  • The Olifant that is driven by Vergil on the level Coastal Highway in Halo 3: ODST (along with all others in the game) has the number 49 printed on its side. This is another reference to Bungie's favorite number, as the square root of 49 is seven, or 7² is 49.


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