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Prepare to Drop[edit]

  • "Better late than never." -Responding to Mickey and Dutch, who both agreed that the Navy gave a good fight with the Covenant.
  • "Just sayin' Dutch, they missed one." - To Dutch, who told Romeo to "show some respect" after Romeo's rude comment shown above.
  • "Hello, beautiful." - After seeing Captain Veronica Dare entering UNSC Say My Name's SOEIV Launch Bay.
  • "Dunno, Mickey. I wasn't looking at her gear." - To Mickey's question regarding what type of armor Dare is wearing.
  • "Cozy..." - Quietly to Mickey and Dutch, after hearing Buck telling his pod is next to Dare's.
  • "You gonna tell us her name, Gunny?" -To Edward Buck, referring to Dare.
  • "What am I supposed to do with this inside a Covenant Ship?" - When given a Sniper rifle by Buck for their mission.
  • "Wake up, buttercup" - To the Rookie after hitting him with the butt of his Sniper rifle to wake him up.
  • "I take it back. Navy got its butt kicked." - After seeing a destroyed Frigate during the drop in to New Mombasa.

Tayari Plaza[edit]

  • "No, I don't know what it was, but it was gonna grease your ass good. Just like it did the Captain." - Respond to Buck's regarding the Huragok he just sniped.
  • "Negative."-Responding to Buck's question about have he heard from the rest of the team.
  • "So, we're poppin' smoke on the lady's mission? She ever tell you what she wanted?"-Reaction to Buck's decision about connecting to the Battle-net.

NMPD HQ[edit]

  • "Yeah, we're good." - Securing the area with Buck near a Pelican landing pad at the rooftops of the NMPD headquarters before meeting up with Mickey and Dutch.

"Give it up, Gunny. Even if he ain't dead he's lost in that soup. Our comms can't cut through that." -To Buck, who attempts to reach the then-unconscious Rookie.

  • "Just sayin'. I ain't dead." - To Buck, who tells him to think in Rookie's point of view of being lost with the Squad.
  • "What about all the Covenant we sidestepped on the way up?" - To Buck, as they go back indoor of the HQ, looking for Mickey and Dutch's crashed Pelican.
  • "Thanks for choosing a tall building, I'm really digging these stairs." - To Buck as they ascend a flight of stairs.
  • "You ever get tired of busting my balls?" - To Buck, who questions when does Romeo get sick of complaining.
  • "That's the bridge?! You've gotta be kidding me!" - Before crossing the construction crane as an improvised bridge leading to the Pelican crash site.
  • "Why am I not surprised?" - After being alert by Mickey of the Covenant Phantoms' arrival at the crash site.
  • "Ahh, not good." - Lying on a column, after he being injured by a Jiralhanae Chieftain on the chest.

Kikowani Station[edit]

  • "Put... Put me down, put me down for a sec." - To Buck, as the squad is approaching Kikowani Station.
  • " what?"-To Buck, after his wound is filled with biofoam.
  • " gonna carry me all the way, sweetheart?"- Humorously to Buck, after listening to his plan to escape the city by walking through the MagLev train tunnels.
  • "Sure, what's the hurry, right? I'll just sit here bleeding through my foam." - If the player stalls without clearing the hostiles under the targeted Phantom.
  • "Ah! Banshees, comin' through the tunnel." - Onboard a hijacked Phantom, warning everyone else they have enemies approaching.
  • "Give me an angle, I'm gonna burn it to the ground." - Requesting Mickey to give him a shot at a Huragok Recharge Station.
  • "That's right, you damn aliens. Doesn't feel so good does it?" - After destroying the Recharge Station mentioned above.
  • "What, you really are gonna make us walk outta this city?" - When Buck tells the team he has some bad news for them.
  • "Ah! This is the best mission ever!" - After Buck replies to the previous question that they have a Scarab blocking their exit.
  • "Ah, damn! We hit the squid jackpot!" - After entering the last tunnel, and seeing multiple Recharge Stations.
  • "Just glad we didn't go with your first plan. Look at those tunnels. Ones that aren't flooded are probably... packed with Buggers. Hell, I wouldn't go down there even if you ordered me to." - Response to Buck's questions over whether he is doing fine with his wound.

Coastal Highway[edit]

  • "I got it. Keep her steady." - Responding to Dutch's order on destroying a Covenant Zurdo-pattern Wraith.
  • "We went through hell for that?" - Onboard the hijacked Phantom, pointing at Dare and the Engineer that absorbed Vergil, New Mombasa's AI Superintendent's subroutine.
  • "Aw heck, Gunny. I wasn't talkin' about the alien." - To Buck, who tells him that the Engineer knows something important.

Firefight Quotes[edit]

  • "Hiya, I'm Romeo." -After meleeing an enemy.
  • "Clint Eastwood ain't got a patch on me!" -When getting headshots.
  • "Ay, Clint Eastwood's got nothin' on me!" - When getting headshots.
  • "Get a Scarab ya sissies!" -While fighting (IWHBYD skull possibly needed).
  • "How's my driving? Call 1-800-SUCK-IT!" -When splattering a enemy (IWHBYD needed).
  • "Target down!" - When kills Banshee using Missile Pods.
  • "Scoreboard." - When getting a headshot.