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Bungie Weekly Update/10-06-00

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This is the Bungie Weekly Update of October 6, 2000, written by Matt Soell. Originally posted at

Bungie Update[edit]

Technically this post cannot exist because everyone knows I never post to :)

Another slow news week draws to an end, and nothing new to chew on. What to do?

  • Interviewing and hiring continues. We've picked up a few really good and very necessary people in the last few weeks. Microsoft reworked our area a few weeks ago to fill up the dead space with usable cubicles, and it looks like most if not all of them will be filled by the time we move to our new digs. (And before this shows up on the web somewhere with the headline MICROSOFT TURNS BUNGIE INTO SWEATSHOP or something equally inane, let me make myself clear: we asked for this, and we're no more cramped than we were before. The halls between the cubicles are a little narrower, iz all.)
  • Max and I are thinking about Icons, Trivia, the Store, Source, Catch Phrases, Relational Databases, Two-Way Communication and a bunch of other stuff. What do these things mean and will they pan out? We - rather, you - shall see.
  • The stuff that gets thrown around the lunch tables here is pretty exciting, especially when you're dining with Halo team folks and they talk about the story. So much is left to do, but it's like seeing da Vinci with an empty canvas or Nelson Algren with a fresh ream of blank typing paper: you know from what has come already that the work that is to come will be immensely satisfying. Unfortunately much of what we're doing these days is talking, conceptualizing, revising, figuring things out - all the intellectual grunt work that must come before we can get to the fun part of showing the results of that labor to the world. Although little bits of coolness may leak out from time to time. ;)
  • In weeks to come expect some sort of regular updates for all the games we have in development. The where and how will probably change, but I'll make sure you guys have SOMETHING new to think about, or at least a general idea of what we're up to, once a week or so - probably on Fridays so I can sum up the week that's just ended.
  • Phrase of the day: Microsoft Tasta Mo Lika Bungie Spice. And no, this doesn't necessarily make sense. But it doesn't need to.