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Bungie Weekly Update/09-28-01

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This is the Bungie Weekly Update of September 28, 2001, written by Matt Soell.

Bungie Update[edit]

The Halo Update is one week away from its first birthday. I guess next week we'll throw a little party for it - cupcakes and party hats and maybe a pony. But soon thereafter we'll be done with Halo and then we'll have to take it out back and shoot it. The Halo Update, I mean. Not the pony.

  • For those of you who like to keep track of such things, Halo is now at Release Candidate 2.
  • What happened this week? Testing and tweaking. Little things, stuff you guys probably wouldn't care about. Fixing the headlight bitmap on the Warthog, minor audio mixing adjustments, scoring the attract movies, getting various game elements ready to hand off to the localization team. Minor stuff.
  • The artists are updating their tools and, as Marcus put it, thinking about new games that will blow other games out of the water. I can't tell you anything about them because they're just ideas at this point and the team still hasn't decided what to do next.
  • Everyone is playing Halo all the time.
  • Because I have so little to say this week, I'm falling back on the old saw a picture is worth a thousand words and artificially inflating the word count of this week's Halo Update with the inclusion of a screenshot. Enjoy. (Screenshot is 1024x768 .JPG, 427 KB)