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Bungie Weekly Update/10-20-00

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This is the Bungie Weekly Update of October 20, 2000, written by Matt Soell. Originally posted at

Bungie Update[edit]

Another dose of that What The Hell Is Bungie Doing This Week? goodness. Back for a return engagement at, where men are men and women are Pallor.

  • Jason wanted me to point out that much of what the Halo team is doing right now is long-term stuff; certain things will take weeks or months to finish, and some weeks there won't be much to say except Still working on the same stuff. Unfortunately this is one of those weeks. Most of you know that Bungie tends to keep its mouth shut when it has nothing important to say, but Jason wanted me to make it clear. So. Are we all clear? Wonderful.
  • The development team will be spending the next several weeks reattaching all the things that fell off during the engine rewrite. Boring little things, like bullets. :) (And if you don't think bullets can bore, you've obviously never been shot.)
  • The new visualization code is up and running. Much work remains but a big hurdle is behind us. Chucky and Matt Segur gave me a quick demo, running a camera across a test landscape and then up over it to give some sense of scale. Yum.
  • You'll all be happy to know that Chucky's spirits have lifted immensely since your collective outpouring of love last week.
  • I was hoping to excerpt some choice bits from a lovely essay about Seattle penned by our own Jason Jones. He asked for a little extra time to review what he'd written and add more profanity where necessary; as of this writing I do not have it. Perhaps in a future update.