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Bungie Weekly Update/04-06-01

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This is the Bungie Weekly Update for April 6, 2001, written by Matt Soell.

Bungie Update[edit]

I've spent the last three minutes sitting at my desk trying to devise a clever intro to this week's Halo Update. So much for my endless flow of creativity and wit.

Actual Halo Update material? That's another story:

  • Lots of work is being done to make pathfinding work better.
  • Matt's new scripting system is in the game now, though it's not complete.
  • The Mighty Chris Butcher has taught the AI about short bursts, long bursts, wide sprays and tight streams of weapon fire, and when each is appropriate.
  • The AI also has difficulty levels now; turning up the difficulty will give you the expected result of more enemies who are smarter and tougher to kill.
  • AI units can now turn their heads in the appropriate direction to yell or acknowledge orders.
  • Lots of updates and revisions to the multiplayer design doc and user interface.
  • We've modeled a human escape pod, with the seats facing the rear (just like real military transports) and lockers that actually open.
  • Just like the bullets, you can read the stenciling on the grenades.
  • Eric is working on a gun turret, and showed me the utterly awesome Covenant dropship model. The sides open up to spill out the Covenant troops in its guts, and an empty space in the middle holds smaller craft in a stasis field.
  • As I began typing these words, Jason, Alex, Joseph, Michael, and a few Microsoft people filed into the Sin-O-MatiXXX video editing room and shut the door. Shortly thereafter we heard the telltale, high-pitched screams of a terrified Joe Staten. I approached with my video camera, hoping to score some good blackmail footage. Alas, all I saw was the group crowded around a TV, engrossed in a 4-player capture the flag game.