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Bungie Weekly Update/02-16-01

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This is the Bungie Weekly Update for February 16, 2001, written by Matt Soell.

Bungie Update[edit]

This morning the Seattle region saw its first substantial snowfall in several years. Up to ten inches in some areas, if you believe the Seattle Times. The collective response to a little snow in this land of gas-guzzling four-wheel-drive SUVs fitted with ski racks was to scream like little girls and hide in the basement. The schools are closed, the parking lots half-empty, and the Microsoft hallways almost bereft of life. But did a few paltry inches of snow prevent Bungie from showing up to do the requisite day's worth of ass-kicking? Hell no. Thus, in the Bungie spirit of standing tall and strong while our so-called peers wuss out with muttered excuses, I begin this week's Halo update.

  • Shadows work now, though they're not finished. The shadow of a tree (yes, The Coolest Tree Ever In A Videogame) swaying in the wind, for example, isn't quite right. Should be fixed soon.
  • The transparent water shader is in, and while that isn't finished either it looks beautiful already. One of the planned improvements is depth fogging.
  • Collision models have permutations now. This means that character models with permutations - a different head shape or longer arms, for example - will react appropriately when shot.
  • The Jeep kicks up dirt again. It'll kick up other sorts of debris as appropriate, though that code isn't in yet.
  • Those of you who've expressed a concern will be happy to hear that we're testing lens flares.
  • Controller support is 90% there.
  • We've started working on the HUD. After much debate the team came up with a design that everyone likes.
  • Matt got contrails working again.
  • Holograms mostly work - there's still some debugging to be done. Shiek showed me a hologram of a structure floating in midair, which cast soft, glowing lines on the ground and walls of the room as it spun. Sweet.
  • The chain gun for the Jeep is now fully textured. Rob is working on a new gun intended for fodder-type opponents; the geometry is almost done and texturing should be another couple of days.
  • The script for Halo's single-player campaign is about 30% done. (Don't confuse this with the story itself, which is more-or-less finished at this point, and should completely satisfy those of you who like Bungie games for the story.)
  • Chucky got the super-hi-res screenshot code working. I can't imagine what we'll use it for. ;)