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Bungie Weekly Update/07-13-01

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This is the Bungie Weekly Update of July 13, 2001, written by Matt Soell.

Bungie Update[edit]

It's a good thing I type these updates out; illness has ravaged my voice this week, and the rest of me isn't doing so well either. Let's go:

  • Most of our programming and art efforts this week were directed at fixing bugs in existing code and art assets.
  • Marcus is working on blast door animations. Not just the obvious slide-up-and-down animations, either. Sometimes even blast doors don't hold.
  • Rob is modeling ammo containers. He also demonstrated the thirteen feet of meat and bone penetration capacity of the sniper rifle by lining up thirteen bobs and sending a single slug through all of them.
  • Chris Hughes is working on a pilot model for one of the cutscenes. It began its life as the Marcus model, and kept his face even as Chris feminized the rest of her body, which was rather unnerving. Thankfully, as Chris put it, hormone therapy for the post-op Marcus was successful, and she has her own face now.
  • The ball (also known as the headbone) is in the game now. It works somewhat like the ball in Myth in that it's susceptible to explosions. Thus, if you've got good aim and a certain amount of luck, you can fire a rocket at the ground and blast the ball back into your arms.
  • The music machine known as Marty keeps churning away. Lots of new music went in this week, including a version of the traditional Halo theme that might surprise you with its instrumentation. He and Jay auditioned some more voice actors today - a few of whom might surprise you.