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Road Trip is a medal awarded in Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer and Spartan Ops.

In order to unlock the medal, a player must splatter an enemy while in a Warthog or Mongoose which is fully loaded with passengers (2 and 1 passengers respectively). In Spartan Ops these passengers may be other players or AI allies. Upon splattering an enemy, everyone in the Warthog or Mongoose, driver and passengers, will receive the medal. In multiplayer, the announcer will loudly declare "Road Trip!"

The medal is only awarded once per life, regardless of the number of splatters, and even if the player switches vehicles. Once a player has earned the medal, they can only earn it again once they have died.


  • The medal's description in-game differs from its description on Halo Waypoint. On Halo Waypoint the medal is described as: "Load up a Warthog with 2 teammates and go for a drive." The in-game description is more accurate, reading: "Load up a Warthog or mongoose with teammates and splatter an enemy player." Neither description is wholly accurate, as the former does not mention Mongooses or splattering, while the latter would seem to imply that the medal is only awarded in multiplayer.