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  • ...that the San'Shyuum Stoics were specifically skilled in biotechnology and genetics?
  • ...that Marines will smile when the player gives them a stronger weapon and frown when given a weaker weapon?

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H2A - San'Shyuum Councilors.jpg

San'Shyuum, also known as Prophets by many individuals, are a sapient species native to Janjur Qom. Prior to the Great Schism in 2552, the San'Shyuum formerly served as the leadership caste of the Covenant. At that time, the San'Shyuum had exerted complete control over the Covenant's religious and political affairs. Since the fall of High Charity, the San'Shyuum population has greatly diminished and the species is believed to be near-extinct. However, evidence of a fleet carrying thousands of San'Shyuum emerged in 2553.

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We meet again, young one. I am the last of those who gave you breath and shape and form, millions of years ago.
I am the last of those your kind rose up against and ruthlessly destroyed.
I am the last Precursor
And our answer is at hand.

The Primordial, Halo: Cryptum


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