List of Blitz cards/Power

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Image Name Rarity Energy Cost Role Faction Leader Restriction Y-Ability Description
Blitz Holo Decoy.png Holo-Decoy Uncommon 30 Utility UNSC Isabel None Create several holograms of friendly units to deceive the enemy.
Blitz Living Barrier.png Living Barrier Rare 30 Deploy Banished Colony None Draw a wall of Lekgolo worms that obstructs movement.
Blitz Pelican Transport.png Pelican Transport Uncommon 30 Utility UNSC Sergeant Forge None Pick up and move your units to another location.
Blitz Watchtower.png Watchtower Uncommon 30 Deploy UNSC Professor Anders None Place a tower with Detect and a long sight range.
  • Detect
Blitz Helldrop.png Helldrop Uncommon 40 Deploy UNSC Kinsano None Aim drop pods that deploy Hellbringers and burn enemies.
Blitz Scorch Mines.png Scorch mine Uncommon 40 Damage Banished Atriox None Place mines that damage ground units with burning plasma. Triggered by ground units.
  • Cloak
Blitz Shrapnel Mines.png Shrapnel mine Uncommon 40 Damage UNSC Isabel None Place mines that damage and slow ground units. Triggered by ground units.
  • Cloak
Blitz Bunker Drop.png Bunker Drop Uncommon 50 Deploy UNSC Sergeant Johnson None Deploy a building that infantry can garrison in for protection.
Blitz Cryogenic Detonator.png Cryogenic Detonator Uncommon 50 Utility UNSC Serina None Place mines that damage and chill or freeze affected enemies. Triggered by ground units.
  • Cloak
Blitz Ice Barrier.png Ice Barrier Rare 50 Utility UNSC Serina None Manually drop multiple Ice Barriers to obfuscate movement and chill nearby enemies.
Blitz Infused Mines.png Infused Mine Uncommon 50 Damage Banished Voridus None Place mines that damage ground units and leave infusion gel upon exploding. Triggered by ground units.
  • Cloak
Blitz Seismic Blast.png Seismic Blast Uncommon 50 Damage UNSC Serina None Blast target area to damage enemies, shattering frozen enemies for massive damage.
Blitz Spartan Morale.png Spartan Morale Uncommon 50 Buff UNSC Commander Jerome None Greatly boost the effectiveness of any rally on the battlefield for a short amount of time.
  • Rally
Blitz Spike Turret.png Spike Turret Uncommon 50 Deploy Banished Atriox None Deploy a temporary defensive turret.
  • Rush
Blitz Ultra Mines.png Ultra Mines Uncommon 50 Damage Banished Pavium None Place numerous, durable mines that heavily damage ground units. Triggered by ground units.
  • Cloak
Blitz Vehicle Symbiotes.png Vehicle Symbiotes Uncommon 50 Utility Banished Colony None Boost the armor and weapon range of target allied vehicles and turrets.
Blitz Advanced Optics.png Advanced Optics Rare 60 Buff UNSC Professor Anders None Increase line of sight and weapon range of all friendly units on the battlefield.
Blitz Blast Hammer.png Blast Hammer Uncommon 60 Damage Banished Decimus None Slam the ground, shove enemies away and briefly slow them.
Blitz Cloaking Field.png Cloaking Field Rare 60 Buff Banished Shipmaster None Cloak target friendly units.
  • Cloak
Blitz Double Time.png Double Time Rare 60 Buff UNSC Captain Cutter None Boost the movement speed of all friendly units on the battlefield.
Blitz Heavy Metal.png Heavy Metal Uncommon 60 Buff UNSC Sergeant Forge None Boost the armor of target allies but reduce their movement speed.
Blitz Hellcharge.png Hellcharge Uncommon 60 Utility UNSC Kinsano None Boost target units' speed and damage. Units explode on death.
Blitz Invigorating Frenzy.png Invigorating Frenzy Uncommon 60 Healing Banished Voridus None Infusion pools grant healing for a brief time.
Blitz Stasis.png Stasis Rare 60 Debuff Banished The Arbiter None Trap all units in a temporary, impenetrable prison. Trapped units cannot capture zones.
Blitz Teleport.png Teleport Uncommon 60 Utility Banished Shipmaster None Select any group of units and move them to target location.
Blitz Conduit of Rage.png Conduit of Rage Uncommon 70 Buff Banished The Arbiter None Boost target's damage, healing and speed. Playing other cards increases this buff's duration.
Blitz Enduring Will.png Enduring Will Common 70 Healing Banished Pavium None Heal friendly units in the area over a long duration.
Blitz Engineer Swarm.png Engineer Swarm Uncommon 70 Healing UNSC Colony None Call in a swarm of Engineers to heal nearby allied troops.
Blitz Mech Overcharge.png Mech Overcharge Rare 70 Buff UNSC Sergeant Johnson None Briefly speed up all friendly mechs and make them invulnerable.
Blitz Restoration Drones.png Restoration Drones Uncommon 70 Healing UNSC Professor Anders None Heal friendly units in range over a short duration.
Blitz Shade Drop.png Shade Drop Uncommon 70 Deploy UNSC Yapyap the DESTROYER None Deploy multiple small temporary turrets.
Blitz Catacylsm.png Cataclysm Uncommon 80 Damage Banished Voridus None Infused gel areas flare up and deal damage.
Blitz Enduring Salvo.png Enduring Salvo Uncommon 80 Damage UNSC Commander Jerome None Bombard target area with debris from a destroyed Banish warship.
Blitz ODST Drop.png ODST Drop Uncommon 80 Damage UNSC Captain Cutter Demolition Charge - Throws a timed explosive that is especially effective against structures and garrisons. Aim Drop Pods that crash to the ground and deploy ODST infantry.
Blitz Plasma Bolt.png Plasma Bolt Uncommon 80 Damage Banished The Arbiter None Blast target area for light but quick damage.
Blitz Scatter Bomb.png Scatter Bomb Uncommon 80 Damage UNSC Sergeant Forge None Fire a series of staggered bombs onto the battlefield.
Blitz Cryo Bomb.png Cryo Bomb Uncommon 90 Damage UNSC Serina None Damage and instantly freeze target enemies.
Blitz Napalm Missiles.png Napalm Missiles Uncommon 90 Damage UNSC Kinsano None Drop incendiary missiles that leave behind a path of fire.
Blitz Siege Turret.png Siege Turret Rare 90 Deploy UNSC Sergeant Johnson None Deploy a temporary long-range siege turret.
Blitz Siphon Field.png Siphon Field Uncommon 90 Healing Banished Decimus None Heal nearby allies and harm nearby enemies for a short duration.
Blitz Skitterer Mob.png Skitter Mob Uncommon 90 Deploy Banished Colony Protector Mode - Attaches the Skitterer to another unit to increase that unit's health and damage. Deploy several controllable Skitterers who can also attach to other units.
  • Rush
Blitz Archer Missiles.png Archer Missiles Uncommon 100 Damage UNSC Captain Cutter None Fire high damage missiles in a specifified direction.
Blitz Ark Defense.png Ark Defense Rare 100 Damage UNSC Professor Anders None Call in a swarm of Aggressor Sentinels to attack nearby enemies.
Blitz Combat Salvage.png Combat Salvage Rare 100 Buff UNSC Sergeant Forge None Tag your mechanical units to redeploy them back at base if killed.
Blitz EMP MAC Blast.png EMP MAC Blast Uncommon 100 Damage UNSC Sergeant Johnson None Blast an area to damage and briefly stun enemy vehicles and aircraft.
Blitz Gruntdome.png Gruntdome Rare 100 Utility Banished Yapyap the DESTROYER None Deploy a temporary shield tower that protects units within its radius.
Blitz Infusion Wake.png Infusion Wake Uncommon 100 Debuff Banished Voridus None Unleash and direct a vortex that damages enemies and spreads infusion gel.
Blitz Shockwave.png Shockwave Uncommon 100 Debuff Banished Atriox None Draw a wall of energy that stuns passing enemies and lowers their armor.
Blitz Vortex.png Vortex Rare 100 Utility Banished Decimus None Open a rift that pulls in nearby enemies for its duration.
Blitz Atriox Bulwark.png Atriox's Bulwark Rare 110 Healing Banished Atriox None Grant brief invulnerability and a longer healing aura to friendly units in the target area.
Blitz Ghost in the Machine.png Ghost in the Machine Rare 120 Utility UNSC Isabel None Take momentary control of enemy mechanical units.
Blitz MAC Blast.png MAC Blast Rare 120 Damage UNSC Isabel None Launch a high damage slug to blast a target area.
Blitz Mega Turret.png Mega Turret Rare 120 Deploy Banished Pavium None Deploy a temporary Mega Turret.
  • Rush
Blitz EMP Methane Party.png Methane Party Rare 120 Damage Banished Yayap the DESTROYER None Barrage target area with damaging methane barrels that choke enemies and buff allied Grunts.
Blitz Rain of Fire.png Rain of Fire Uncommon 120 Deploy UNSC Pavium DNone Unleash a series of damaging plasma beams.
Blitz Victory Turret.png Victory Turret Rare 120 Deploy UNSC Commander Jerome None This unit inspires nearby troops to deal increased damage.
  • Rally
Blitz Glacial Storm.png Glacial Storm Rare 130 Utility UNSC Serina None Create a lasting storm that chills and slowly freezes enemy units.
Blitz Boundless Fury.png Boundless Fury Rare 140 Buff Banished Decimus None Enrage all frriendly units, boosting their damage and speed.
Blitz Glassing Beam.png Glassing Beam Uncommon 140 Damage Banished Shipmaster None Unleash and direct a damaging plasma beam.
Blitz Spirit Assault.png Spirit Assault Rare 150 Deploy Banished Shipmaster None Call in an armed Spirit transport to drop off Banished units.
Blitz Close Air Support.png Close Air Support Rare 160 Damage UNSC Captain Cutter None Encircle target area with Pelican Gunships to deal heavy damage.
Blitz Inferno.png Inferno Rare 160 Damage UNSC Kinsano None Cover the ground in waves of flame, creating a lasting inferno.
Blitz Omega Team.png Omega Team Legendary 170 Deploy UNSC Commander Jerome Spartan Slam - Leaps high in the air and slams an enemy, taking control of air or vehicle targets. Randomly call one of Omega Team's three Spartans to battle.
  • Shield
  • Rush
Blitz Eradication.png Eradication Rare 180 Damage Banished Atriox None Deal massive damage at target area with a ring of plasma beams.
Blitz Lich Vanguard.png Lich Vanguard Rare 180 Damage Banished Pavium None Call in an assault Lich and grant the Rush keyword to any cards deployed near the Lich.
Blitz Mass Cloaking.png Mass Cloaking Rare 180 Buff Banished The Arbiter None Temporarily cloak and %2 all allied units, and increase their speed.(Error reproduced as written in the original text.)
  • Cloak
  • Shiphon
Blitz Condor Strike.png Condor Strike Legendary 270 Deploy UNSC None Mass Driver - Fires a high damage, magnetically accelerated slug at a target. Briefly deploy the Condor super unit.
  • Rush
Blitz Scarab Assault.png Scarab Assault Legendary 270 Deploy Banished None Carapace Shield = Emits a short-lived plasma shield to become invulnerable. Briefly deploy the Scarab super unit.
  • Rush

Cut Blitz Card[edit]

This card was cut and replaced with Atriox's Bulwark.

Blitz Restoration.png Restoration Rare 90 Healing Banished Atriox None Briefly make target allies invulnerable and heal them over time.