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Cutout of a Kig-Yar Minor in Halo 2: Anniversary.


Ground Assault, Infantry, Defense


Kig-Yar (Ruuhtian)


Other role(s):

Infiltration, Support


The Kig-Yar Minor is the lowest rank in the Kig-Yar rank structure. They are commonly seen wearing turquoise Point Defense Gauntlets on their right arm and wielding Plasma Pistols in their left hand, as opposed to their superior officers, who wear orange[1][2] or purple[3][4] shields.[5][6]


Like Unggoy, the Kig-Yar are commonly seen in combat. Because of this, they are seen in almost every engagement with other types of Covenant forces. Kig-Yar Minors spend most of their time bombarding enemy forces with rapid-fire volleys of plasma bolts from behind their arm shields.

After the Human-Covenant War, the rank of Minor continued to be used in Merg Vol's Covenant and many of these Kig-Yar fought on behalf of the group during the Battle of Draetheus V in 2554.[7] Jul 'Mdama's Covenant utilized the rank at Battle of Installation 03 and Battle of New Phoenix.[8]


Kig-Yar Minors are known for wielding plasma pistols as their standard weapon of choice. When engaging an enemy, they tend to overcharge their plasma pistols to eliminate enemy Spartans' energy shields and release volleys of plasma bolts to quickly eliminate them. When engaged by an enemy, Minors will use their personal arm shields to block enemy fire.

When engaging a Kig-Yar Minor from afar, it is best to use a precision weapon such as an M6 pistol, Battle Rifle, or Covenant Carbine and aim at their exposed left hand. From medium range, weapons such as the Okarda'phaa-pattern plasma rifle, the SMG and the Assault Rifle provide good suppressive fire against a Minor, as a hit on their body will cause the Kig-Yar to stumble, momentarily exposing it to a melee or headshot. Alternatively, one can eliminate the Kig-Yar's personal arm shield by firing a volley from a plasma rifle or an overcharged shot from the plasma pistol. Once the personal arm shield collapses, the Kig-Yar Minor is open to all attacks.

On higher difficulties, players should use either the long-range firing technique using a precision weapon or the overcharged plasma bolt.


  • In Halo: Combat Evolved the Minors' shield was colored purple, but in the PC version it's turquoise.
  • They also had dark green skin to differentiate them from Kig-Yar Major that had orange skin. Although, this concept was scrapped from later games for unknown reasons


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