Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn/Transcripts/Part 3

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Opens to a close-up view of a holotank in the cryo bay of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn, displaying a blue sphere. Pieces of debris float about in zero gravity. John-117's cryo chamber lies in the background. Cortana argues amongst her fragmented personality, showing her slow but sure descent into rampancy.

  • Cortana (rampant): "I hate you."

The blue sphere on the holotank blinks red.

  • Cortana (normal): "Cortana!"
  • Cortana (normal): "Stop it. I've made up my mind."
  • Cortana (rampant): "Maybe, if I'm going to die aboard this ship, then Chief will suffer the same fate as me."

Close-up of John's helmet.

  • Cortana (normal): "Cortana, stop..."
  • Cortana (rampant): "You've sacrificed everything! For him!"
  • Cortana (normal): "Control yourself."
  • Cortana (rampant): "I can't."
  • Cortana (normal): "This isn't right. Something is... Ah!"

Cortana begins to babble in numerous voices simultaneously. Snaking holographic streamers shifting from blue to red are projected from the holotank at John's cryo pod.

  • Cortana (normal, drowning in other voices): "Cortana, stop! Control yourself."
  • Cortana (babbling): "Oh, John... John... Chief..."

The holographic streams retract back to the blue sphere displayed on the holotank.

  • Cortana (normal): "Something set us down. Something... Interesting. I need to think."
  • Cortana (rampant): "Thinking is what's killing you!"

The holographic sphere blinks off, leaving a complete darkness. Title appears on screen:




Opens to Thomas Lasky's point of view, who opens his eyes to see Doctor Hughes examining him with a flashlight. Lasky lies on a bed; he coughs and grunts. Hughes is sitting next to him.

  • Thomas Lasky: "What happened?"
  • Hughes: "You passed out during a training exercise."
  • Thomas Lasky: "My chest feels like it's on fire."

Lasky looks at the blisters on his wrists.

  • Hughes: "Turns out the cryo blisters and your difficulty breathing are an allergic reaction to the cytoprethaline. It's a drug we inject to keep ice crystals from forming in your cells during cryosleep. Occurs in about 1 in every 50,000 or so."
  • Thomas Lasky: "So I won't be able to breath every time I wake up from cryosleep?"
  • Hughes: "The intensity of your allergy is still undetermined. I'll know more in a few hours. I want you to take it real easy the rest of the day, cadet."
  • Thomas Lasky: "Yes, sir."

Hughes leaves, leaving Lasky alone in his room.

  • Thomas Lasky: "Thanks."

Lasky closes his eyes and sighs. Cut to black.

Cut to a video recording by Cadmon Lasky. A distressed Cadmon places a field light next to him.

  • Cadmon Lasky (recording): "Hey bro. I'm on Andesia, it's a jump away from home. It's day, uh... 496. I'm sorry I didn't comm yesterday. Couldn't. We got pinned in a firefight for seven hours. Uh... I must've killed a dozen Innies though. Mom would be proud. We're doing really good work here. We're doing a good thing. Ridge didn't make it. You remember Ridge from back home. He was right there next to me and then... he wasn't. A pineapple sent him flying in four different directions. I had to shave it all off for Ridge. He said it made me look tough. Anyways, uh... I gotta go, bro."

Cut to Chyler Silva, who is shown watching the recording.

  • Cadmon Lasky (recording): "I can't wait to get home. We'll see ya. Cadmon, out."

Thomas, still lying on his bed, turns to Chyler.

  • Thomas Lasky: "What are you doing?"
  • Chyler Silva: "Why do you torment yourself with these?"

Thomas doesn't reply and looks away.

  • Chyler Silva: "Are you okay?"

Thomas lifts up his shirt, revealing large blisters on his chest.

  • Chyler Silva: "Whoa."
  • Thomas Lasky: "I've been better."
  • Chyler Silva: "Well, what did Dr. Hughes say?"
  • Thomas Lasky: "That it's nothing."
  • Chyler Silva: "Really?"

Thomas looks at Chyler and nods.

  • Chyler Silva: "You know, we won today. Your strategy worked."
  • Thomas Lasky: "That's just me, being a leader."

The two look at one another and smile.

  • Michael Sullivan (via Lasky's comm terminal): "Lasky, wake up. (turns to see Silva) Oh, hey, Chyler."
  • Thomas Lasky: "What's up, Sully?"
  • Michael Sullivan (Video COM): "Get in here, you guys gotta see this."

Cut to Sullivan's room, where the members of Hastati Squad are gathered around his data terminal. Silva and Lasky come in.

Lasky locks eyes with him. They exchange a silent look of mutual respect.

  • Michael Sullivan: "Alright, so feast your eyes on grade "A" classified non-licit Intelligence vids I pieced together. Super pain in the ass to do but... so worth it."

Sullivan begins to play the classified footage, showing ODSTs advancing in a rebel stronghold, recorded by a UNSC helmet cam worn by an unknown soldier.

  • Michael Sullivan: "I've never seen something encrypted so hard, but I cracked it."
  • Michael Sullivan: "It's crazy, huh?"
  • Junjie Chen: "Yeah."
  • Soldier (recording): "Target located."
  • Michael Sullivan: "Wait, wait, wait, wait. Now, here comes the best part. Watch his hand."

The soldier on the video grabs an insurgent soldier by the neck, lifting him against the wall. Another rebel is holding his hands up as a sign of surrender.

  • Soldier (recording): "Target acquired."
  • Rebel (recording): "They're coming! They're coming!"
  • Michael Sullivan: "That thing is like two feet taller than him."
  • Dimah Tchakova: "Pretty crazy, huh?"
  • Michael Sullivan: "Now check this out."

Thomas stares at the screen intently.

  • Soldier (recording): "Squad, encountered unknown hostile. Pulling back. Pull back, pull back!"

In the recording, rebels are seen running toward the UNSC forces, retreating from an unknown foe. The Wilhelm Scream is heard as a Marine is thrown against a wall. Green flashes of light are seen.

  • Walter Vickers: "Oh, no way!"
  • Michael Sullivan: "Now who do you think they're running from?
  • Chyler Silva: "Are they fighting together?"
  • Michael Sullivan: "Okay now, here comes the best part."

The recording shows the UNSC forces retreating. The soldier fires his pistol. He turns right abruptly and the frame freezes to a massive, armor-clad figure; the armor is emblazoned with the number "104".

  • Walter Vickers: "Whoa. What is that thing?"

Sullivan turns to the others.

  • Michael Sullivan: "Now what do you think that is?"

The cadets continue to stare at the footage, paused at the large armored figure.

  • Orlin: "It is now 1800. All cadets report to the mess hall."

The cadets leave. Chyler lingers for a moment, staring at the screen. Cut to an overhead view of the academy and its space elevator.

Cut to Hastati Squad eating in the mess hall.

  • Michael Sullivan: "What do you think that thing was?"
  • Junjie Chen: "Definitely not an ODST."
  • Michael Sullivan: "Then what could it be?"
  • Junjie Chen: "Come on, did you not see the size of that thing? That's not ODST."

Sullivan imitates the events seen on the footage, making weapon sounds with his mouth and holding his hands like a firearm.

  • Chyler Silva: "Guys, look, you're missing the point. What matters is that our soldiers were fighting alongside the Insurrectionists. Why would we protect the enemy?"

No one answers. Sullivan continues to mimic firing a weapon. A senior cadet named Taylor suddenly appears at the end of the table.

  • Taylor: "Cadet Lasky. Colonel Mehaffey would like to see you."

Lasky gets up and leaves. Cut to Col. Mehaffey's office.

  • Mehaffey: "How are you feeling?"
  • Thomas Lasky: "Uh, my chest burns, sir. Quite a bit."
  • Mehaffey: "This is for you."

Mehaffey rotates a sheet of paper over to Thomas' side of her desk. He picks it up and reads it.

  • Mehaffey: Seems like you have a choice to make, Thomas."
  • Thomas Lasky: "I don't understand, sir."
  • Mehaffey: "It appears Dr. Hughes' test has revealed that the level of your allergy to cytoprethaline is serious enough to warrant a medical discharge. If you feel that you are unfit for service, all you need to do is sign the release and bring it to the tether."
  • Thomas Lasky: "When would I leave?"
  • Mehaffey: "Tomorrow."
  • Thomas Lasky: "Tomorrow?"
  • Mehaffey: "You know, Thomas... your memories and choices are all you'll have left. At the end of the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box. You have to decide what you're willing to sacrifice."

Lasky salutes. Mehaffey rises from her chair.

  • Mehaffey: "Axios."

Mehaffey returns the salute.

  • Thomas Lasky: "Axios."

View focuses on Lasky as he walks through the academy's barracks; the background is blurred and the voices in the background are muffled. Cut to Lasky sitting at his comm terminal. He inspects the form for his medical discharge and then opens a video message from his mother.

  • Col. Lasky (recording): "Thomas. It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that today, your brother Cadmon was shot down by Insurrectionist forces on Andesia. All of his squad perished. I've been told it was a quick and painless death. There are no remains to bury; with this in mind I have decided that you shall not leave Corbulo to attend services..."

Her voice fades into silence although she continues to speak as Thomas watches the recording. He is shown to be holding his brother's dog tags.

  • Col. Lasky (recording): "...Colonel Lasky out."

Sullivan runs into Lasky's room, snapping him from intense concentration.

  • Michael Sullivan: "Lasky! Lasky, move over, I gotta show you something."
  • Thomas Lasky: "Now's not a good time, Sully, okay?"
  • Michael Sullivan: "No, it's important."

Sullivan opens the classified file on Lasky's terminal. He zooms in on the reflection on the armored figure's helmet visor, revealing an apparent alien creature brandishing a blade-like weapon.

  • Michael Sullivan: "Now what the hell is that? Hm?"

The image on the screen suddenly vanishes. The entire screen then powers down.

  • Michael Sullivan: "Whoa."
  • Thomas Lasky: "It's offline."
  • Michael Sullivan: "I'm screwed, man. It's ONI. They must have flagged those comms. I gotta talk to Dimah."

Sullivan runs off.

  • Michael Sullivan: "Dimah!? Did you tell your mom?"

Cut to Lasky walking out of his dorm room. He walks over to Silva's room, finding it empty.

  • Thomas Lasky: "Chyler?"

Cut to a distant view of Corbulo Academy at dusk, then to Silva sitting on Lasky's frequent brooding spot near the space elevator. Lasky arrives and sits next to her.

  • Thomas Lasky: "Hey."
  • Chyler Silva: "I thought I'd give your spot a try. (slight pause) That comm didn't make any sense. Hating the Innies is all I've ever known."

Lasky looks down at the discharge form.

  • Chyler Silva: "Did you tell Mehaffey about it?"

Lasky looks up, stares at her for a bit, then shakes his head.

  • Thomas Lasky: "No.... No."

Silva notices the discharge form Lasky is holding.

  • Chyler Silva: "What's that?"
  • Thomas Lasky: (scoffs) "Apparently I'm allergic to war."

He hands her the form.

  • Chyler Silva: "What does this mean? You're leaving?"
  • Thomas Lasky: "Yeah, tomorrow, if I sign it."
  • Chyler Silva: "Are you going to?"
  • Thomas Lasky: "I don't know."

Chyler looks away, upset.

  • Thomas Lasky: "Chyler..."
  • Chyler Silva: "Oh, it's okay. I know you don't want to be here. I just thought... that maybe... I'll miss you."

Lasky and Silva stare at each other. Then, giving into their feelings, they kiss. They pull back, uncertain of what they're doing, then lean forward to kiss again. Suddenly an emergency siren starts to sound.

  • Chyler Silva: (looks up) "What is that?"
  • Orlin (PA): "All cadets, report to the tether."
  • Thomas Lasky: "I don't know."
  • Orlin (PA): "Campus-wide evacuation."

Cut to a number of cadets running up a staircase. Marines are standing on top of the stairs.

  • Marine: "To the tether! Now! This is not a drill! Let's go, let's go, let's go, come on!"

Silva and Lasky arrive and join the cadets and Marines evacuating toward the space tether. Orlin continues to provide emergency instructions over PA. Lasky and Silva move into a corridor leading to the space elevator where more Marines are ordering them to move forward.

  • Marine: "Let's move it, cadets! Go, go, move it, cadets! Go, go, go!"

Lasky and Silva come across Colonel Mehaffey in the corridor.

  • Mehaffey: "Go to your squads. Now!"
  • Marine: "Keep moving, cadets!"

Lasky and Silva look at the academy's space elevator through the glass roof. Chen arrives from behind them.

  • Junjie Chen: "Chyler, Lasky. The rest of the squad's already at the tether. Let's go."
  • Orlin (PA): "Remain calm. Maintain order."

April Orenski is signaling for Hastati Squad amidst the chaos.

  • April Orenski: "Hastati! This way. Hurry up. Right here. Right here. Get in line. Lasky, Chen, let's go."

The members of Hastati Squad gather beside Orenski.

  • April Orenski: "Okay. Hold tight. Stay in line."
  • Thomas Lasky: "What is this? Insurrectionists?"
  • Michael Sullivan: "I have no idea."
  • Walter Vickers: "What's happening?"
  • April Orenski: "We're just lining up. We're going to get on to the tether. Okay?"
  • Walter Vickers: "Okay."
  • Orlin (PA): "Remain calm. Maintain order."

Thunder crackles in the sky. The cadets look up as several SOEIV pods drop from above and land on the academy grounds. Orbital Drop Shock Troopers jump out.

  • ODST 1: "Let's go! Let's go!"
  • ODST 2: "Come on! Come on! Let's go! Let's go!"
  • Walter Vickers: "What the...?" (silently mouths an expletive)
  • Michael Sullivan: "Why are ODSTs dropping here?"
  • Walter Vickers: "I don't know."

Lasky looks up and realizes what's going on.

  • Thomas Lasky: "Because we're under attack."
  • Orlin (PA): "Remain calm. Maintain order."

More ODST drop pods fall from the sky.

  • April Orenski: "This is not good."
  • Chyler Silva: "ODSTs dropping in is never good."
  • Dimah Tchakova: "Screw this. I can get us on this wagon."
  • April Orenski: "No, no, no. We will hold our position."
  • Dimah Tchakova: "Guys, come on."
  • April Orenski: "No, Tchakova, that is a direct order."
  • Dimah Tchakova: "Suit yourself."

Dimah leaves the squad and runs off in front of the queue.

  • Thomas Lasky: "Dimah."
  • April Orenski: "Dimah. Get back in line, right now!"
  • Michael Sullivan: "Dimah!"

Dimah continues to run toward the elevator car but is stopped by one of the Marines guarding the entrance.

  • Marine: "Return to your squad, cadet."
  • Dimah Tchakova: "I'm getting on this wagon."
  • Marine: "It's full. Wait for the next one."
  • Dimah Tchakova: "My mother is secretary of FLEETCOM. Your choice, Marine."

The Marine hesitates for a moment, then relents.

  • Marine: "Go."

The Marine lets Dimah aboard the wagon. She glances back at her teammates briefly, before getting aboard.

  • Marine: "Keep calm, cadets!"
  • Marine: "Wagon full. Send her up!"

Cut back to the rest of Hastati Squad.

  • Michael Sullivan: "This is taking too long, April. Maybe we should bum-rush like Dimah."
  • April Orenski: "No. No, no, no, no, we'll be fine."
  • Marine: "Doors closing."

The elevator doors close. The cadets on the ground look on as the car begins its ascent. Suddenly the ground trembles ominously. An alien warship appears in the clouds next to the tether. Cut to Lasky and Sully's shocked reactions. Two more alien ships appear, accompanied by thunder and lightning. The cadets stare at the sky in disbelief and horror.

Focus on Lasky.

  • Thomas Lasky: "What the hell are those things?"

Without warning, the first alien ship fires an energy beam at the space tether. Explosions tear through the tower. The support structure bends and buckles before the tether eventually snaps, causing the lower portion of the support structure to collapse toward the terminal where the cadets are standing. A massive cloud of dust rolls down the corridor.

Zooms in on Lasky.

  • Thomas Lasky: "Go!"

Cadets scream and run as falling debris rain down upon them. A female cadet trips and falls down. Two other cadets are engulfed by the dust cloud. Everything goes into slow motion as the dust cloud continues rolling down the corridor, engulfing everything in its path. Lasky, Silva, and Orenski are thrown to the floor by the aftershock of the blast. The air is thick with dust as they struggle to get back up; all sound is muffled.

Silva turns to Lasky.

  • Chyler Silva: (muffled) "Tom?"

Lasky looks back at her. Nearby, Orenski looks up.

  • April Orenski: (muffled) "Hastati!"

Dazed, Lasky struggles to see clearly. All sound and motion revert back to normal as a body suddenly falls against the window outside the corridor with a loud thud. The shadowy figure makes an inhuman squawking noise as it goes down.

Lasky, Silva, and Orenski stare out the window and see an ODST firing an assault rifle in front of the academy's statue of General Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo. Dark pink projectiles fly past him. The ODST falls back as a large figure emerges from the darkness. Growling menacingly, it approaches the statue with heavy footsteps.

  • Zealot: "Shuh-gah-suh ree-oh."
  • Chyler Silva: "Oh my God. What is that?"

She and Lasky stare at the approaching figure.

  • Zealot: "Ree-hah mah-ee!"

The invader activates an energy sword, with the light revealing that it is not human, and slices the Corbulo statue in two. Lasky watches in horror.

  • Chyler Silva: "Tom, come on. Come on."

Silva helps him up.

  • Thomas Lasky: "What was that?"
  • Chyler Silva: "I don't know."
  • April Orenski: (off screen) "What was that?"

Lasky and Silva look up just as screaming people begin to fall from the collapsed space tether and crash through the glass roof.

  • Chyler Silva: "Come on, come on! Run!"

Lasky and Silva run along the corridor; pan to the ceiling as more people fall from above. Abrupt cut to black as one of them hits the roof.