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Orna 'Fulsam
Orna 'Fulsamee in the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition).
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December 22, 2492[1]

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241.3 centimetres (7 ft 11in)[1]


153.8 kilograms (339 lbs)[1]

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Orna 'Fulsam (formerly 'Fulsamee) is a Sangheili shipmaster who commanded the destroyer Blameless Conceit during the tail end of the Human-Covenant War.[2][5] He led Blameless Conceit to Installation 04 alongside the rest of the Fleet of Particular Justice and at the urging of the Prophet of Stewardship, ordered for the UNSC Pillar of Autumn to be boarded rather than fired upon with the destroyer's plasma torpedoes.[2]


Covenant service[edit]

When Orna 'Fulsamee was very young, he often hunted squealing rodent-like creatures, blooding them with his bare claws.[2] He eventually rose to be an officer in the Covenant fleet and the shipmaster of the destroyer Blameless Conceit.[5] The Blameless Conceit was attached to the Fleet of Particular Justice in August 2552, during the Ninth Age of Reclamation by Covenant reckoning.[2]

Battle of Installation 04[edit]

Orna 'Fulsamee: "They must have followed one of our ships. The culprit will be found and put to death at once, Exalted."
Bako 'Ikaporamee: "That is very unlikely, Shipmaster. We doubt the humans have the means to follow one of our vessels through a jump. Even if they do, why would they send only a single cruiser? Is it not their way to drown us in their own blood? No, we think it’s safe to surmise that this ship arrived in the system by accident."
Orna 'Fulsamee: "So, you would have me believe that the interlopers arrived here entirely by chance?"
Bako 'Ikaporamee: "No, of course not. Though primitive by our standards, the creatures are sentient, and like all sentient beings, they are unconsciously drawn to the glory of the ancients’ truth and knowledge."
— 'Fulsamee discusses the presence of the Pillar of Autumn in the Soell system with Bako 'Ikaporamee, who speaks on behalf of the Prophet of Stewardship.[2]

As part of the Fleet of Particular Justice, Orna 'Fulsamee witnessed the Fall of Reach on August 30 and subsequently traveled through slipspace with the rest of the fleet in pursuit of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn. Having arrived in the Soell system near the gas giant Threshold and Installation 04 prior to the Halcyon-class light cruiser, 'Fulsamee assumed that the humans had followed them, rather than the fleet pursuing the humans.[2]

As soon as the vessel appeared 'Fulsamee had a wave of fighters launched against it.[2] Standing in the center of the Blameless Conceit's control room, he mentioned his supposition concerning its presence to the Prophet of Stewardship and promised him that the one responsible for allowing them to being followed would be found and executed. The prophet's Sangheili assistant, Bako 'Ikaporamee, speaking for his superior, offered an alternate hypothesis: that the humans, like all sentient beings, were just unconsciously drawn to the glory of the Forerunners’ truth and knowledge. 'Fulsamee found the notion hard to believe, but begrudgingly accepted it as true since 'Ikaporamee spoke for the prophet. 'Fulsamee then began to issue orders for the readying of plasma torpedoes so that they could be fired at the cruiser on his command, but 'Ikaporamee told him that Stewardship forbade such aggression due to the undue risk it may cause to the nearby holy relic. Instead, he told 'Fulsamee to pursue the humans' ship so it might be boarded and taken over. Angered at the interference and the high casualties the change in plans would produce, the shipmaster nevertheless canceled his prior order and gave different ones, saying to load four transports with troops and to launch another flight of fighters so that the ship's weaponry could be neutralized to clear the way for Brhi Xur-pattern Leech boarding craft.[2] 'Fulsamee continued to command the Blameless Conceit during the battle that soon erupted on the surface of the ring.[5] He would ultimately survive the conflict on Installation 04.[1]

Great Schism and after the war[edit]

Following the Great Schism, Orna 'Fulsamee removed the "-ee" suffix from his name. 'Fulsam detested that the loss of Saepon'kal and its forces forced him and his kind to work with humanity as the only option to defeat the High Prophet of Truth who had betrayed his kind.[4] After the end of the Human-Covenant War, Orna 'Fulsam's xenophobia led him to join the Banished seeking to continue fighting humanity,[1] despite the faction having human members.[6] 'Fulsam attained the position of High Warlord in the Banished and commanded the Banished dreadnought Ghost of Barolon.[4]

In early 2560, 'Fulsam took the Ghost of Barolon to Suban to raid its mines. He ordered the deployment of Banished drop-bases around the mines of Suban including the Mines of Shua'ree. 'Fulsam then hailed Swords of Sanghelios Shipmistress Mahkee 'Chava in an attempt to negotiate a surrender. Over their hologram transmission, 'Fulsam offered to let 'Chava and her Sangheili people surrender and even join the Banished. 'Chava responded that she was repulsed by peace offerings from a traitor. 'Fulsam proceeded to tell her how he blames the humans for the destruction of Saepon'kal and its forces, how the destruction forced their kind to work with humanity, argued that Saepon'kal could have led to Sangheili supremacy, and that ONI started the Blooding Years. 'Chava countered that his hatred was inconsistent by joining the Banished, a faction with human allies, after noting that it would be illogical to blame an entire species for the actions of a few. 'Fulsamee commented that even "vermin" could still be useful and asked her to tell her Fleetmaster Arkad Nar 'Kulul that "Let 'Volir sends his regards."[4]

Personality and traits[edit]

"The course of action that the holy one recommends is likely to result in a high number of casualties. Is this acceptable?"
— Orna 'Fulsamee questions the reasoning of the Prophet of Stewardship's command that the Pillar of Autumn be boarded.[2]

As was common for Sangheili like himself, Orna 'Fulsamee appeared larger than he actually was while wearing armor which gave him an angular, somewhat hunched appearance.[2] This, in addition to a heavy, pugnacious jaw, caused him to look like the very dangerous warrior he was. 'Fulsamee could make his voice very calm and well modulated when he needed to.[2]

He strongly believed that humans were filthy beings that were not deserving even of being named.[2] He was revulsed and galled to his core at the fact that the prophets had named them and their ships, as he believed names implied legitimacy. The vermin, as humans were thought of to 'Fulsamee, merited only extermination. He likewise was incensed that the humans in turn had given their own names to the Sangheili and other races of the Covenant in what he saw as their harsh, barbaric tongue. Despite his feelings toward these things, he believed it was not his place to question the decrees of the prophets whom had bestowed the labels they had and that to do so would amount to disgraceful dereliction of duty. Despite his faith in the prophets, 'Fulsamee still could not help but think the San'Shyuum Prophet of Stewardship reminded him like creatures he had hunted as a child. He also was frequently angered by Stewardship's assistant, Bako 'Ikaporamee, particularly for what he viewed as condescension on his part. He also was annoyed by 'Ikaporamee's tendency to use the royal "we" when speaking for the prophet. When his patience was tried, he habitually would recite one of the True Sayings to himself.[2]

'Fulsamee valued the lives of those in his charge and was angered when he was forced to put them in harm's way unnecessarily.[2] Though he did believe dying for the cause of the Covenant was something to be sought after, he thought that more should be aspired to than just that.[2]

Following the Great Schism, 'Fulsam also hated the High Prophet of Truth. 'Fulsam was furious that he and his kind had to resort to colluding with humanity in order to defeat the Hierarch.[4]


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