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A Kaimistro

The Kaimistro ("rhinok" in English) is a large, rhino-like herbivore. They feed on grasses and woody foliage, and are in turn prey to large carnivores. Possessing extremely complicated body chemistry, and evidence exists that their chirality can be very easily swapped between generations. Their intestional flora is designed to operate in conjuction with Forerunner enviromental nanomachines to serve as bioreactors for various useful compounds. On some installations, local sentinel retinue monitor and shepard rhinok herds as they traverse their migatory patterns, regardless of unexpected enviromental changes.[1]

Production notes[edit]

Kaimistro were modeled for Halo Infinite's announcement trailer at E3 2018.[2] During the trailer's production, they were internally referred to as "space rhinos" by members of 343 Industries.[3] They were cut from the final game.