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Felix "Asian Inferno" Mui
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5'7 (without armor)

  • 7'2 (in armor)

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"Kat can't die! She has nine lives! (Joke on"
— Asian Inferno

General, Felix Mui, Service Number 90490-01176-FM, was a CO in the UNSC and a highly trained soldier in NavSpecWar.


Mui has gone by many callsigns in the past: "SpartansOnFire"(H1-H2), "Cad"(H:PC), and "AsiansOnFire (H2-H3) between 1999-2008, and is now officially going by "Asian Inferno" (H3, HW, H3:ODST, & H:R). His H3 callsign in-game is "A19", while his H3: ODST/H:R callsign goes by "ASIN".

His personality is described as some to be "light-hearted" and "kind", and is notable in having comprehensive knowledge of the Human-Covenant War both through participation and textbook studies.


Early life and Career in NavSpecWar

Not much is known about his life except Mui's records of his existence began in 2533. His application and acceptance into NAVSPECWAR was around 2551, and he was heavily involved with battles near the end of the Human-Covenant War.

Human-Covenant War

Unconfirmed Early Missions

Although, Mui's records has been concluded to be only in existence between 30's-50's. One lone item indicates that he may also have participated in the Liberation of Harvest and the Evacuation of Arcadia. Reports also seem to indicate existing as part of the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire although these are unconfirmed reports.

Battle of Reach

Recent records have confirmed of Mui's participation in the UNSC prior to Installation 04. It states heavy involvement with Noble Team's efforts during the Battle as well as support for other Reach Defense operations (Rumored Red Team Support). Mostly records show of vehicular assistance provided in combat operations, most famously from Falcon airlifts and aerial support/reconnaissance. Mui was apart of one of the UNSC groups that evacuated Reach through the UNSC Pillar of Autumn.

Installation 04

Mui's service record dates back originally to ground warfare with the crew of the Pillar of Autumn during the events of Installation 04.

Battle of Earth

He survived long enough to escape during the Battle of Installation 04 and returned in time for the Battle of Earth where he assisted the 405th as well as the Master Chief in an attempt to push towards the Bridge between Old and New Mombasa.

Second Battle of Earth

There he managed to transfer into orbit and coordinate with the ODST's stationed aboard Say My Name and was to infiltrate the Prophet of Regret's Assault Carrier. But his SOEIV malfunctioned, and sent him towards the outskirts of New Mombasa, before Regret's ship jumped.

Managing to land he made his way towards the rally point in the city, but was caught up in several firefights with Covenant Loyalists and was delayed before he could make it to the ONI Alpha Site before it was destroyed. He wandered the city, once catching glimpse of the Rookie but was unable to communicate due to large numbers of Covenant forces occupying the city.

Battle of Installation 04

He managed to link up with a rescue convoy with wounded ex-bound from the city and linked up with UNSC Marines and transported to Crow's Nest. Later on when Master Chief and Johnson made it back, he was involved with the offensive towards the town of Voi and made it to the Portal. There he participated in the Battle of Installation 00 and made it back to Earth afterward.


In 2553, he participated with many of the survivors of the end of the war at the Voi Memorial commemorating those who dies valiantly. Subsequently ONI took notice of Mui and reassigned him to the UNSC Infinity as part of the UNSC contingent aboard. He is currently, as of 2557 still operating aboard the ship on their new mission.


Halo: Reach

Primary: Red Secondary: Yellow Emblem: Red and Steel Flaming Ninja with additional Yellow Flames. Helmet: Mark V Shoulders(L/R): Mark V/Mark V Chestplate: Default Utility: Default Kneepads: Grenadier

Halo: Combat Evolved

Primary: Red Armor: Standard Mark V

Halo 2

Primary: Red Secondary: Yellow Emblem: Flaming Ninja with additional Vertical Stripe. Armor: Standard Mark VI

Halo 3: ODST

Primary: Brick Secondary: Gold Emblem: Brick and Black Flaming Ninja with additional Gold Flames. Character: Buck

Halo 3

Primary: Red Secondary: Gold Emblem: Red and Steel Flaming Ninja with additional Gold Flames. Helmet: Mark V Shoulders (L/R): Mark IV/Mark IV Chestplate: EOD

Halo 4

Primary: Red Secondary Yellow Emblem: Red and Steel Flaming Ninja with additional Gold Flames. Helmet: Mark VI Shoulders(L/R): Mark VI/Mark VI Chestplate: Mark VI


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