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The Maw (music)

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The Maw


Halo: Original Soundtrack


Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori




Rock Anthem for Saving the World




The Maw is the seventeenth track in Halo: Original Soundtrack.


The track features a male choir singing somberly, with additional reverb effects. The opening section is also featured in the later track Dust and Echoes.


The track plays in the opening cutscene of the level The Maw, the namesake for the piece, when the Master Chief and Cortana, riding in a Banshee, return to the Pillar of Autumn.


The track was arranged into the following:

Production notes[edit]

  • The opening chant was recorded early in the morning when Marty was one of the only remaining staff overnight at Bungie's office. Due to being alone at the time, he had to run in and out of the recording booth between arming and beginning record sessions from the computer.
  • The opening chant is one of only three pieces in Halo: Combat Evolved to feature real vocals, the other two being the monk chant heard in Opening Suite, Halo Theme and Truth and Reconciliation (music), and the vocals in Under Cover of Night.
  • As with the monk chant heard in Halo Theme, the real vocals are layered in with choir sounds from the Roland XV-5080. [1]


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