Shadows (music)

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Halo: Original Soundtrack


Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori




Suite Autumn


Dust and Echoes


Shadows is a song included in the Halo: Original Soundtrack.

It is notably the shortest song in the Halo: Original Soundtrack. Its first heard in Halo: Combat Evolved during the opening cut scene of Halo. Slight variations of some of the strings are heard throughout the course of the game, and in part of Truth and Reconciliation Suite. In Halo 2 and Halo 3 the same variations of the strings are heard and are normally played when Flood are either nearby or attacking, featured in the songs Shudder, Gravemind, and the last movement of Halo Reborn, which is played during the battle with 343 Guilty Spark.


  • Halo: CE: on levels Halo, 343 Guilty Spark, The Library, and throughout the game.
  • Halo 2: on the level The Oracle, and Sacred Icon.
  • Halo 3: on levels The Covenant, and Cortana.


The guitar melody in the second half is never heard in-game.